Brilliant technique to reuse your outdated light fixtures: click to tweet Don’t get rid of your outdated lighting. Repurpose them. {social warfare} Hi there! If you have been following my house renovations for a while, you are aware that we have almost entirely replaced all of the lighting in this space. The most diplomatic way to put it is that the previous ones simply weren’t our style. We’ve also created a ton of DIY lights because lighting fixtures may be pricey, such as this DIY bentwood pendant and this DIY wood bead chandelier.

We had no idea what to do with the old light fixtures, even though constructing our own light fixtures appeared to come naturally to us. We gave a lot to the Habitat Restore and sold some of it. But Joe lately had a BRILLIANT solution for our outdated flush mount ceiling lights. I immediately fell in love with the idea when he suggested we use them to construct our own succulent pots!

You don’t need a thorough instruction for these simple DIY succulent planters: Just take the globes out of the electrical housing, fill them with soil, and add your succulent plants.

A cactus and an aloe plant were planted.

It’s not a problem that the planters don’t have drainage holes because we just sprinkle the plants to keep them alive. These homemade pots are ideal for succulents because of this. Just look at how entertaining they are! (And in case you were wondering, the adorable pink planter is from Ikea.)

Even if you don’t have any vintage flush mount light fixtures from your previous home, you can find them in salvage and resale shops for dirt cheap.

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