Repairing a small dent in your drywall is fairly simple.
You can still DIY this even if you don’t have much experience with home remodeling.
Here is what to do.

ACCESSORIES TO REPAIR A DENT IN A DRYWALL Sanding sponge, a drywall knife, and mesh tape (For dents larger than one inch in diameter) STEPS ON HOW TO SEE A DENT IN A DRYWALL

STEP 1: SURFACE PREPARATION Peel off any tattered paper that may be surrounding the drywall dent gently. After that, wipe the wall with a clean rag to remove any remaining dirt or grime.

2. Apply the spackle. Holding your drywall knife at a 45-degree angle, dab some spackle on it, and smooth it over the dented area. Allow the wall to completely dry after applying a thin coat.

Note: You must add mesh tape before using spackle if your dent is more than an inch broad or deep. This will aid in strengthening the repairs.

Step 3: Smooth the sand Your spackle will be completely dry in around 24 hours.

When the spackle has dried, use your sanding sponge to lightly run over it in circular motions. Once the wall is smooth, use a clean, lint-free cloth to remove any remaining dust.

Step 4: Examine Now examine the wall. You can prime and paint the wall if the dent is covered and it is flat and smooth.
Apply a second, thin layer of spackle, let it dry, then resand if the original spackle shrank, developed cracks, or had divots.
One to two applications of spackle ought to be adequate as long as your dent isn’t particularly large.

You’ll need to use a patch if your drywall has a sizable dent or a dent and a hole. You can buy a patch, spackling, drywall knife, and sanding sponge separately, or you can locate patch kits that come with everything you need.

Place your patch on the wall in step one. Cut the patch to size, then attach it to the wall. The majority of patches are self-adhesive and will adhere immediately.

Add 1-2 thin coats of spackling in step two. Apply a thin layer of joint compound or spackling after the patch has been applied to the wall using your drywall knife. To make the spackle thinner as you move away from the dent, feather out your edges.

After the compound has completely dried, apply a second, thin coat.

Step 3: Smooth the sand Now use your sanding sponge to apply circular motions to the spackle. Sand the wall until it is flat and smooth, removing any high ridges that may be present.

PRIME AND PAINT IN STEP 4 After using primer, you can paint over the patched-up area.
LAST THOUGHTS Small drywall dents are fairly simple to fix. They only need a sanding sponge and a small amount of spackle.
If the dent has a diameter greater than an inch, you might want to add some fiberglass mesh tape for added support.





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