When you glance around your home, you might be tired of the layout or in need of extra room as your family expands. 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs Hiding bulky appliances Pantry Hallway Wardrobe 2 2. Baseboard Drawers 3 3. Exterior Renovations 4 4. Create More Usable Space Doubling Up Open Space With Dividers 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 0 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 1 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 2 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 3 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 4 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 5 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 6 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 7 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 8 1 1. Use The Area Under The Stairs 9 Hiding bulky appliances 0 Hiding bulky appliances 1 Hiding bulky appliances 2 Hiding bulky appliances 3 Hiding bulky appliances 4 Hiding bulky appliances 5 Hiding bulky appliances 6 Hiding bulky appliances 7 Hiding bulky appliances 8 Hiding bulky appliances 9 However, the idea of moving is too difficult for you because of your affection for the area and the memories you have made here.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to packing up and leaving that will breathe new life into your house. We’re discussing remodeling!

There are a variety of affordable and dramatic options to improve your property. To assist you in determining what your home requires, we’ll provide you 30 fantastic options.

1. USE THE SPACE UNDER THE STAIRS The space beneath stairs is large. The purpose of the block of wood or plaster lining the staircase is to conceal the carpenter’s work. That was once a stylish home statement, but today we prefer to use the space effectively or to conceal ugly appliances (like washing machines).

You must take off the covering on the staircase for any of these solutions to function.
You have a wide range of options for making use of this untapped space, from expanding your room to freshening up your design.
Here are some of our top choices:

HIDING LARGE APPLIANCES You can stow vacuum cleaners, washing machines, or any other instruments that are required but unattractive in the space under the stairway. This might keep the goods out of the way and clear space around your home. After that, you may easily conceal the appliances by adding a door to the open area.

PANTRY You can store those products with a lengthy shelf life by adding shelves to the space. You may now have additional storage space in your home by placing the shelving unit along the edges and leaving yourself room to access the cupboard.

WARDROBE FOR THE HALL Installing hooks underneath your staircase will allow you to store your often used jackets and umbrellas out of the way. Coat hangers are frequently used as a door stop, but doing so really gives an unattractive view into your home and suggests that it is cluttered. The vista is kept clear of clutter while yet remaining usable by tucking the jackets away neatly into the stairs.

2. Pantry 8 Baseboard drawers are another name for them. Because you tap on them with your foot to open them, this is the case. You might be wondering where these drawers might possibly go after reading such a description.

In your kitchen, baseboard drawers take the role of the skirting board. The toe-kick drawer gives you more storage space in addition to serving as a barrier against dust entering beneath your surfaces.

The drawers will keep crumbs from getting under the counters, so the anti-dust protection is still in place. However, you can now store those rarely used gadgets away from your main areas.

Everything you don’t want to throw away but is continually getting in the way now has a home to live, including baking supplies and seasonal accessories.

3. Exterior renovations Interior improvements are what really matter, right? As much as we would like for that to be the case, your property’s outside is as crucial.

You could feel self-conscious about your property if the paint is peeling or the style is outdated.

The exterior can be painted as a simple solution. Even if the concept is straightforward, giving the house’s exterior a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve its appeal. By adding varying gradients, or a block of dark color for 5 feet and a block of bright color for the remaining building, you may use the painting to modernize your property.

You can update your outside in various ways if painting isn’t your style. For instance, you may use strategically placed flowers or wooden accents to add some greenery. Pantry 9 is there!

4. CREATE Additional Useable SPACE For some people, expanding their home is the best way to create more usable space. That is a legitimate choice, but it is also a costly one. Try some of these cost-saving measures first before reaching for your wallet.

DOUBLING UP If your growing children need a larger desk in their room but you don’t have the space to change the space, they’ll likely wind up doing their homework at the kitchen table. Even if it works as a temporary remedy, your youngster will start to have Hallway Wardrobe 0 problems with their appetite or productivity.

To circumvent this, we also have another option. Paint a countertop that is mostly unutilized a different color from the kitchen and install shelves for books there. This unique design is sufficient to separate your child’s desk from their dining area, enabling them to work without interruption in peace.

OPEN SPACE WITH DIVIDERS Include some Hallway Wardrobe 1 if your open space appears to be too big for its requirements. These ornamental pieces of art allow you to divide the area around you while also enhancing the interior of your home. Now that open space can be cut in half, you’ll be able to divide their functions as well.

For instance, a huge living room can be divided in half to create a gym or library. This is made possible by the partition, which prevents you from seeing the room as a single unit but rather as two distinct areas.

5. A KITCHEN ISLAND CAN GIVE YOUR HOME MORE SPACE. ADD OR UPGRADE THE KITCHEN ISLAND. Although it may appear counterintuitive, you should have more counters in your kitchen rather than open space!

In this manner, you may use more machines at once, have more areas for chopping, and keep more goods out without feeling cluttered.

There are several simple ways to update a kitchen island if you already have one but feel that it is a touch outmoded. The sides should be painted first.

You might only need to paint the area to breathe new life into it. If you want to add additional definition and a delicate ambience, add a beadboard to the underside if that isn’t enough.

6. MAKE THE MOST OF LIGHTING You may easily create a wonderful ambiance by utilizing the local natural light. Place a window where you anticipate it will receive the most wonderful morning light.

Or, if you are aware that the stars are bright where you are, adding a ceiling window can result in a breathtaking sight.

As an alternative, you can add cozy artificial lighting to your home’s hidden spaces to create a cozy ambience. For instance, you may install bulbs in public areas or LED light strips along the skirting boards.

7. When your cupboard spaces don’t have doors to conceal them, use open shelves Hallway Wardrobe 2. They effectively put your belongings on show, enhancing the room’s aesthetic.

This idea will work well for you if your home is minimalist and all of your plates and kitchenware are elegant but few.

Dust is the only disadvantage. You will need to dust more parts of your house without a door to keep your possessions safe. However, if there aren’t many bowls to begin with, they will probably be cleaned frequently anyhow.

8. TRY Various SHAPES By “different shapes,” we mean putting Hallway Wardrobe 3 in a room with little furniture. In your living room, for instance, where the couch, TV, bookcase, and TV stand are all rectangles, you should utilize circular tables.

You can view your rooms differently by adding new shapes. Hallway Wardrobe 4 frequently expresses feelings that are balanced in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Sharp shapes can bring about order, and sharp shapes in groups can inspire action. In contrast to the numerous lines and spikes in your gym room, which can help you go past your regular limit, having one straight horizontal line of paint separating the middle of your office can make you feel organized.

9. LOWER YOUR LIVING ROOM Although this plan isn’t free, it can give your house a new look.
You may simulate lying down by taking away a significant portion of your living room and lowering the floor level to roughly couch height.
When viewing a movie, lying down without needing to stretch your neck is quite comfortable.

We’ve discussed painting your house to restore the impression of freshness, but you might need to take things a step further.
You might feel as though you are living in a whole different house if you change the color scheme of your home.

A white wall can have a feeling of playfulness that wasn’t there before by adding colorful colors to it. Dark shades can add a sense of refinement to a room that is well-lit.

You may get the impression that the room has changed even when a single hue is changed to another.
Try experimenting with several color schemes in a single space to discover how your perspective is affected.

11. ECO-FRIENDLY RENOVATIONS There are typically two types of environmentally friendly renovations. The first is choosing simple modifications that can reduce your bills while also benefiting the environment.

The other option is to fully move out of your house, which leaves essentially little carbon imprint.

The first is more feasible, therefore let’s continue along those lines. By upgrading to double-glazed windows, you can keep more heat inside your house, requiring less energy to maintain a pleasant temperature.

Second, by insulating the walls, floor, and roof, you can reduce energy costs by preventing heat from escaping.
You ought to consider mounting solar panels on your roof. This reduces your energy costs by harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home.
You can make money by selling any extra power to the government.
Your home may become more affordable as a result.

12. A GLASS LINK Hallway Wardrobe 6 is a rather recent idea. In essence, they are glass passageways that let you go unobstructed from your main building to an art studio or other building.

While being shielded from the elements, you can still see and explore your surroundings.
They are stunning devices that function remarkably well in properties with numerous structures, including antique farmhouses that are being rebuilt.

The greatest location for them is in the space between your main structure and your indoor pool. This prevents the swimmers from treading on the chilly or filthy floor when they return to the house.

13. A Link WITH THE GARDEN By “establish a connection with the garden,” we do not simply mean to construct a patio, though it is not a bad idea either.

In other words, let your garden extend inside your house. A window the size of a wall might be added, allowing you to enjoy the garden at any time.

To create a wilderness-like environment around you, you might introduce plants inside your house.

Getting outside in nature is Hallway Wardrobe 7 for mental health difficulties. It elevates your mood, builds self-confidence, and lengthens your attention span.

You can encourage those good sensations to spread around you by allowing these advantages to enter your home.
14. THE VOLUMINOUS SPACE Adding volume to a space entails creating an optical illusion of additional space.
This can be accomplished by placing mirrors in the narrow halls, drawing lines along the long walls, and leaving the short spaces empty.

Use dark hues to narrow in an area if you want to make a larger room appear smaller. This can be painted on the walls or the ceiling to make the room appear shorter and slimmer.

Using light and dark can give the impression that a weirdly shaped room is more level than it actually is.
Before you find the ideal fit, it can take you a few tries because this concept is difficult to grasp.

15. A BROKEN PLAN LAYOUT Hallway Wardrobe 8 are gaining popularity more and more. They provide you with a lot of space, making them comparable to open-plan layouts.

To provide greater depth, they incorporate “broken” cuts in certain spots through this open area.
For instance, rather than demolishing a wall to make extra space, you could add windows or add shelving and screens to divide the space.
This might provide the impression that your space is bigger without limiting its usage. You can have counters that are both useful and attractive.

16. ADDING FACELIFTS TO EXISTING OPENINGS As you have already noticed, we are huge fans of the idea of repainting. Try repainting first if you need to update your front door, windows, garage door, or any other opening to your property.

A spectator may see right away how well you take care of your home by looking at the doors and windows. A simple sign that cleaning and maintenance aren’t a high priority is cracked paint.

These conclusions are reached in an instant, and your guests might not even be aware of how they arrived at them. However, a fast coat of paint in these spots can make the house appear brand new.

17. DISCLOSING THE ORGANIC TEXTURE OF THE HOUSE For the majority of individuals, their house is a tranquil setting. You can create a picturesque landscape inside your walls by bringing nature into your area.

Determine how the environment outside can be brought inside based on where you reside. You can locate towering, dark trees to complement your garden or the corners of a room if you live close to a forest.

If you reside close to a desert, you might also include images of a sunset or salt rocks. You might incorporate the city skyline if you reside in a city in your artwork.

If the wood in your home is exposed, let it alone and allow the natural look permeate the space.

18. CEILING GLAZING We’ve already discussed installing in-ceiling windows to allow natural light to enter a room, but you may apply this approach even if you live in a crowded city. A ceiling window can provide a view of something other than your neighbor’s wall if your building doesn’t have any windows on the side.

Even with natural light coming in, a view of the sky can be just as stunning as any other vista.

If you adore the concepts we’re promoting but can’t picture them working in your house. Just as large windows in a crowded city might not make sense, but a ceiling window does, the same rationale can be used to other features of your home.

Consider using the roof of your garage instead, for instance, if you really like the concept of employing solar panels but your roof faces the incorrect way.

If you have too many appliances, even though you enjoy the idea of using open shelves, it won’t look nice. To achieve the same effect, just remove a few doors rather than all of them.


All you may need to access more room and increase the value of your property is to add a second story to it.

Most people think of extensions as going out rather than up. Going outside isn’t always an option if you live in a crowded neighborhood, so you might believe extensions are not a possibility for you. But as we’ve already stated, there are no problems—only answers. Opt to ascend!

You can use the warmth from the lower two floors while using less space.

21. Internal glass doors are ideal for places that require more lighting. Light reflection can make your rooms appear bigger and brighter than they actually are.

The glass will provide the same appearance of an open shelf without the dust problem.
Additionally, you have a variety of glass options to pick from, including transparent, translucent, colored, patterned, etc.

22. A BUILT-IN JOINERY You should think about using built-in joinery if your home has awkward spaces that you are unsure how to employ. You don’t have to worry about them fitting properly because they are incorporated into the furniture and were made just for your home.

These could be anything you want, including beds, bookcases, window seats, etc. Don’t discount anything in your home as empty space because it could be transformed into something useful or beautiful.

Making use of them as storage is the best usage for these underused areas. Making a cupboard with an odd size could be ideal for storing children’s toys, out-of-season clothing, or even common goods that don’t yet have a place.

This area is prepared for expansion if you don’t require additional storage at the moment.

As we go through life, we always accumulate more items, so having more storage will help you get ready for this potential issue. And you’ll be handling it elegantly.

23. EXPOSED BRICKWORK Since years, exposed brick has been a favorite. It adds a great rustic atmosphere to your house without putting too much labor on your plate. Given that you only need to remove the plastering to reveal the artwork concealed beneath, it is affordable for the majority of individuals.

However, you may still achieve this effect even if your house is not constructed of bricks. You should cement the plaster in place rather than removing it.

This entails locating the bricks that best reflect the style you’re going for, slicing or sanding them in half, and then gluing them to the wall.

To make the bricks appear to be the proper size, you want them to be cut in half. If you leave them in their current condition, everyone who looks will notice that they are too thick for the wall. Make them too small, and you won’t get the desired “exposed” texture.

This technical balance necessitates seeking professional assistance, raising the cost of this cost-effective design.

24. APPRECIATE ORIGINAL FEATURES If you reside in an ancient structure, your renovations may be mostly done so that you can see what’s underneath. More gorgeous and historically significant than anything you might add to the property, the lovely artwork that has been hidden by varying fashions may turn out to be.

If you discover a fireplace, murals, or unusual tiling, you want to embrace these previously hidden works of art and make them the center of the space. You could clean them up and add to what has been lost, or you might leave them as the historical aesthetic of partial destruction.

Adopting the figures might include locating additional rustic objects that would go well with them, such as reclaimed wood tables, historical artwork, or similar color schemes.

25. REMOVE AWKWARD LAYOUTS Renovations are the ideal time to get rid of the layouts that don’t function anymore. It’s possible that the former owner had some crazy ideas, or it’s possible that you have a better plan for the area in front of you.

In either case, dismantling those problematic designs can enable you to locate more room and generate more light than you did previously.

As we previously stated, a wall is not necessary to divide two spaces. To create division, you might only need to use dividers or paint one room one color and the other another.

By doing this, you can maintain the openness of the room and prevent odd furniture configurations.

So that you don’t constantly have to spend a ton of money on bespoke builds, you should have a place that can accommodate “standard” sized furniture.

26. BRING MOLDINGS TO LIFE Most historic homes have beautiful moldings along the ceiling’s sides. They have a certain air of fun, but they are nonetheless delicate and lovely. If you have one of these ornaments in your home, you can paint it to make it look new again.

Usually, all you need to give the moldings the attention they deserve is a timeless, pure white color. You could require a little extra, though, depending on the furnishings in the room.

A room’s color and “pop” should ideally come from the walls, the furniture, and any white trim that runs along the room’s perimeter to match the ceiling.

If your entire room is white, though, the moldings will disappear into the backdrop. Instead, think about painting them a light color to keep the space bright and bring attention to the ceiling.

27. MAKE THE MOST OF SLOPING CEILINGS You don’t have to write off a loft conversion or a room with oddly shaped ceilings as wasted space. Instead, design focal points or attractive areas to unify the space.

In spite of the fact that the room requires adornment, you should reserve as much “standing” space as you can for mobility.
To make the sloped region useful and preserve the walking space, you can place a small chest of drawers under the sloping ceiling.
The same can be done with small, narrow tables for plants or beverages.

28. SPLIT LEVEL LIVING IDEAS We’ve already talked about lowering the ceiling in your living room to make it appear as though you’re lying down as you watch a movie, but you can go much further with that concept.

You could lower the entire floor of your living room instead of just cutting out a square. A dull open-plan might appear more interesting by including these additional steps.

The additional layers provide greater visual stimulation because the floor transforms into an artistic extension of you.

If you have artifacts or artwork from that era as well, this change in level could tie those components together. This style first gained popularity in the 1960s.

29. Speaking of floors, if you enjoy the notion of incorporating the ground into your aesthetic but believe that adding an additional level would be more of a tripping hazard than an artistic statement, consider using elegant floor tiles.

These are tiles that, when put together, form an image. It’s possible that the image is an optical illusion, giving the impression that the ground is three dimensional or that there is nothing below you.

The tiles are just well painted, even though the image may appear to be made of carved wood. Or perhaps the fancy aspect results from the placing of tiles to make an image that is unique to you or just lovely to look at.

Tiles are the ideal addition to a home since they offer refinement to your flooring and are simple to maintain.

30. STENCILS Finally, using stencils is an incredibly easy and affordable approach to update your home. The stencils can be made by you or purchased online.

They can be applied on any surface, including walls, ceilings, and furniture.
The holes in stencils can be filled in with paint using a brush or a sprayer. Use paint that complements the surface ideally.

The images can be colored however you wish, and you can select any pattern you like. The fact that you are merely painting makes this a very low-risk restoration concept because you can simply paint over the image if you don’t like it.

Try out the concept by first cutting out the image in the desired colors, then taping it to the surface you want to paint. Keep it there for a few days and assess your reaction.

SYNOPSIS Take a look around your house to determine which of our suggestions best utilizes the available space. Consider which choice makes the most sense for you after weighing your alternatives against your spending limit.

In contrast to adding a story to your property, painting is always a sure thing and can offer your house an instant facelift.
Recognize what you require from your extension and how these suggestions might help you to achieve it.





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