Happy midweek, everyone! Since I have no projects or spaces to offer this week, today’s post is a bit of everything, a smorgasbord of what’s going on in my life and favorite things. Start with home renovations. My mom’s best friend’s aunt will be relocating to the Las Vegas home in July; she recently sold her home in southern California and will be living there while looking for a new place to buy. She may stay for three or six months, which is totally fine with me because I could use a break from the back and forth travel.

I have to finish the half-finished kitchen and bathroom before she gets here. The countertops were installed during my most recent trip, hurrah! The Caesarstone quartz countertops and the new faucets have me incredibly excited (not shown). The kitchen appliances and backsplash tile are the next tasks, and everything needs to be finished by the Fourth of July, so I’ll be spending a few weeks there in June to make sure it all gets done. Lots to do!

caesarstone countertops in kitchen
master vanity top

For hayneedle , I also styled an outdoor room. The room will be highlighted on their site in June; I’ll let you know the URL when it goes online. Here’s a sneak peak.

outdoor pillows

I started prioritizing fitness in my life last summer, and now it’s my new normal. This is a terrific place for me to be psychologically and physically, especially considering how sedentary I was previously. I spend an hour working out practically every day, and I make sure to switch things up to prevent monotony. Even though I’ve been talking to some friends about preparing for an Tough Mudder next year, whenever someone asks me what I’m training for, I always reply, “for life!”

I’m in decent shape and more powerful than I’ve ever been. I go for leisurely rides around the city once or twice a week thanks to the a new bike Matt gave me for Mother’s Day. I use weights, kettle bells, and medicine balls to lift weights at the gym at least twice a week to build stronger legs, arms, chest, and back. I’ve already indicated that my favorite fitness kickboxing classes are those. Nothing makes me feel better than pummeling a punching bag to death, I’ve discovered. I also notice that I watch action movies with fierce women who kick butt more frequently. Coincidence? I disagree.

fitness kickboxing

The class provides me that feel-good high that comes from a rigorous workout, plus it makes me sweat a lot and really tightens my core. I never imagined I’d reach a point where I truly yearn for that sensation, but it has. In addition, I started practicing bikram yoga once a week, if I can fit it into my schedule. The heat makes it harder, but the stretching positions are wonderful. A word of advice: do whatever it is that motivates you to move and makes you feel good. Results will come back to you from your body.

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