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Do you ever wish that while you are out in public, your small daughter could play quietly but you don’t want to involve screen time? If so, I completely understand. I know how vital it may be to have calm activities for my two young daughters to play with when we are out and about, going to restaurants and churches. When they were younger, keeping them engaged was vital, but now that they are older and have a much longer attention span, we hardly ever need to! They adored the adorable felt dolls I created for them years ago. I leaped at the opportunity this year when my good friend asked if I would be willing to make her almost 3-year-old daughter a felt doll kit for Christmas. I was already thinking of ways to improve what I had previously made for my girls and was confident that I could create something that her adorable little child would like. In order to make the prettiest felt doll kit ever, continue reading.

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FELT DOLL KIT FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERS. Cutting EasyPress You will also need the cut files I used if you plan to cut your felt with a Cricut Maker. I used these cute templates from Smile and Wave as my guidance and made only minor adjustments while sketching them on my iPad Pro to turn them into digital files that I could use with my Cricut. The.png files that you may import into Cricut Design Space are fortunately free for members to my newsletter. You can immediately receive them by clicking on the image below.

You may find simple to print templates over at Smile and Wave if you plan to cut out your felt dolls using paper templates and scissors.

A video overview of this project is available by clicking the link below.
How to Make Your Felt Doll Kit’s “Book”

1) Begin by embellishing the DIY felt doll kit’s front cover. I cut it out of iron-on vinyl using a fairly basic scallop circle and monogram design. Your patterns should be cut out and weeded, but before you do that, be sure to mirror your image. I applied it using my Cricut EasyPress. Very quick and simple! The scalloped circle made of gold heat transfer vinyl was the first to be applied. After it had cooled, I immediately layered the navy heat transfer vinyl monogram on top of it.

2) The pockets for your doll’s outfit and accessories should be made next. For each pocket, I used one piece of normal felt. To fit onto the back of the cover without any overhang, I removed about an inch from the felt’s long edge. Then, with just enough extra on the top half to fold it over and make a flap, I folded the bottom end up slightly less than halfway. I used my EasyPress to iron the folds into the felt because, really, why bother getting the iron out?

3) After that, I stitched velcro on the top flap and the sides of the envelope (and corresponding velcro on the outside of the envelope when it is in the closed position). very simple

3) After attaching the velcro, I stitched the pocket to the rear of the front cover using the same stitch pattern. Although it may seem evident, just the TOP HALF of the pocket is stitched to the rear cover. It is best to leave the bottom half/flap unfastened so that it can swing open and shut.

4) To finish, I ran a seam down the outer edge and attached the front and back covers.
When everything is finished, the “book” appears like this. Love it!
How to Make Your Felt Doll Kit’s Doll, Clothes, and Accessories

2) If the felt you’re using for your doll’s body isn’t rigid, tighten it with your fabric stiffener . BEFORE using your Cricut to cut out the doll shape, give it time to dry. Since I suspect you want the doll’s hair to be a different color, use Cricut Design Space’s contour feature to cover the hair when cutting out the doll’s body by itself. This article gives a really good explanation of how to utilize the Cricut contour feature if you’re not familiar with it.

2) Cut the doll’s body out. My cuts were flawless since I used my rotary blade and “feel” as the material’s setting.

2) Make as many outfits out of fabric in as many different colors as you choose! Once more, just “hide” any objects you don’t want to remove from a specific.png file using the contour feature ( this article explains the contour feature really well ).

3) Attach the hair to the body of your doll when everything has been cut out. For your doll’s eyes, you can use tiny pom-poms or rhinestones. I manually carved the lips out of pink felt.

4) After that, customize your doll’s outfits and accessories as much as you like! After applying the felt glue, place the assembled items somewhere flat where they can cure undisturbed because it does an excellent job of holding things together but does take some time to dry.

See how my DIY felt doll kit turned out; I’m delighted to report that the recipient adores it (and her mom love that is is quiet and keeps her hands occupied).

This is how it seems once everything has been tucked away.
And when everything is open and in use, it seems like follows:)
The lower envelope held the shoes and accessories, including the adorable cape, while the top envelope contained all of the clothing.

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