Happy Christmas week to all! I’m skipping the rest of the week’s blogging in order to take part in the family entertainment here in Las Vegas. I don’t get many chances to visit my cousins, brothers, nieces, and nephews because we all live in different parts of the country. We’ve decorated our tree and are enjoying ourselves immensely.

Christmas Backdrops for photography

I also like to view this time of year as a time of rest. The small pleasures that result from slowing down, putting the clock and internet aside, and concentrating on genuine connection include sleeping in, having lengthy coffee discussions, baking cookies and cooking meals together.

eat drink and be merry

I want to thank everyone who visits the blog, regardless of whether they read every entry or simply pop in occasionally to see what I’m up to. I appreciate your interest in what’s happening in our lives, and I’m so appreciative of your online connection!

I have great expectations for 2015 after a hectic and delightful 2014. I’m working on a spring collection of fabric patterns as well as looking into purchasing another fixer upper. I look forward to sharing it all with you next year. Two kitchen remodels are currently underway, and two bathrooms need to be updated as well.

bowl of blue ornaments
I’m wishing you everybody a happy and lovely Christmas !





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