updated on 6th June 2019

Dear friends: You might be curious about this post’s title. Life-altering paint. No, there was no typo. In fact, I came across LIFE CHANGING paint and met one of the most incredible people I have ever met. And I’ll fill you in on everything! #youarewelcome Let me emphasize that this is not a paid piece before I continue. I didn’t get paid to write this, and I’m not getting anything in return either. I’m writing about it because I believe that everyone should be aware of it!

I had the privilege of flying to Memphis with the other incredible Ace Hardware bloggers on the panel in order to meet Amy Howard and learn everything there was to know about her Amy Howard At Home paint line . When I got on the plane, I had no idea that I was about to have a life-altering experience. Amy has completely changed the way I will paint furniture and has motivated me to start a second company flipping furniture. I tell you, it’ll change your life. For more information, continue reading.

We had dinner with Amy in her home the evening we arrived. YOU ALL! Doesn’t that start to paint a picture of what an amazing person Amy Howard is? She did more than simply host a lovely evening at her house. She opened her house to us. I assure you that there is a distinction.

Amy was just as hospitable, attractive, and welcoming in person as you could expect given her reputation. I loved her right away! She exudes great passion for her life and her work and is endearing, sincere, and kind. Even more kindly, Amy let us to wander around and take pictures of her magnificent home. Because we didn’t have our DLSRs with us, we bloggers took advantage of her kindness and clicked photos, so please excuse the terrible quality. Amy used her paint line to salvage and restore numerous pieces of furniture in her home. For your convenience, this page includes some affiliate links so you can quickly find these fantastic paints. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

For instance, she used saved items to construct this gorgeous bedroom for her granddaughters to sleep in when they come to visit. The color Amy Howard Lacquer Paint was used to paint those mouthwatering, glossy pink lamps. amazing, isn’t it? Also, notice the magnificent dresser they are seated on. Yes, Amy Howard At Home paint was also used to paint it.

And was that stunning bed painted with Amy Howard At Home paint in this room, which has the most EPIC wall treatment I have ever seen (padded upholstered walls accented with piping-WHAT? ). Yep.

I have to share two more rooms with you because I am raving about Amy’s house. Look at this bedroom in gray. Y’all, the trim has a semi-gloss finish and is painted the same color as the walls. #genius

And have a look at this seating area. Amy has a fantastic vision, and I adore the way she combines classic and contemporary pieces. A woman I can relate to!

Can we perhaps take a brief moment to discuss how much I like this chandelier? There aren’t enough words to express my passion for it. This is a work of art!

I was eager to get my hands on Amy’s paint and pick her brain about painting after spending the evening at her house. I didn’t have to wait long; at 7:30 the following morning, we were up and driving to Amy’s studio. I can’t express how much pleasure it was to meet Kim from Yellow Brick Home , Cassie from Primitive and Proper , Brynne from The Gathered Home , Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady , Erin from How to Nest for Less , and Linda from Ace Hardware 0, all of whom are Ace Bloggers. We lost Alison at Ace Hardware 1, but I hope to run into her again soon! Ace Hardware 2, Lou Manfredini, Katie Reynolds, Ace Hardware 3, and Ace Hardware 4 were also introduced to us.

Back Row: Ace Hardware 5, Me, Ace Hardware 6, Ace Hardware 7; Front Row: Ace Hardware 8, Ace Hardware 9, Amy Howard At Home paint line 0, Amy Howard At Home paint line 1, Gene





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