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Hello, everybody! Ashley here, and I write a blog at 3 Little Greenwoods .

I enjoy offering a variety of simple crafts, do-it-yourself home design, easy entertaining advice, and Southern recipes on 3 Little Greenwoods . I’m thrilled to be at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body today to share a fantastic fix for an issue that many homes face: how to conceal an unsightly phone jack.

We have a wonderful kitchen with plenty of storage, big counters, and anything else I could want. I can’t stand one thing in particular. It is a vintage wall phone jack.

On the wall that separates the dining area from the kitchen, it stands out like a sore thumb. I tried using my favorite apron to conceal a phone jack, but it didn’t work for me.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Why not just cover the phone jack on the wall instead?” I have made numerous attempts to remove it from the wall. But it became clear that the phone jack wasn’t going away easily every time I tried to remove it.

So I spent less than $10 to make a stylish wall box that completely hides the phone jack. It is constructed from a recycled cigar box that has been styled to go with our kitchen furnishings. There is some concealed storage within, and it’s a simple DIY home decor project.

WHAT TO USE AND HOW TO HIDE A PHONE JACK thin-wood cigar box marker, a retractable knife, a hammer, and craft paint (white, browns) journaling paper DIY knob made of Mod Podge and a wooden monogram How come a cigar box? It is portable and simple to hang on the wall. The unsightly phone jack can be readily hidden by the box’s depth. Additionally, we have a number of cigar boxes that are just itching to be turned into something wonderful.

Making a hole on the back of the box so the phone jack can fit inside is the first step. The box will be able to hang flush against the kitchen wall as a result.

To create the cutout, first measure the phone jack. Then, on the back of the wooden cigar box, sketch the shape’s contour. In order to score the lines, use a sharp retractable knife.

Although the knife won’t penetrate all the way through the wood, it will travel far enough that you can hammer it out.
similar to this The cutout for the phone jack will easily pop out with a few well-placed blows from the hammer.
It’s a good thing the cutout fit well. Now the phone jack may be totally hidden by placing the cigar box directly over it.
Once the cigar box has been prepared to conceal the phone jack, it is time to decorate it with some paint.

First, paint the outside of the cigar box with a thin layer of white paint. Just a few coats will do as the objective is to tone down some of the box’s bold colors rather than completely cover it with white paint.

Paint the box with brown craft paint that has been diluted after the white paint has dried. To give the box a worn appearance, quickly wipe off the brown paint.

Cut pieces of scrapbook paper to fit the cigar box’s exterior and interior while the box dries. For my kitchen, this chevron-shaped piece of worn wood was ideal. It’s incredible how realistic scrapbook paper can seem.

In addition, I purchased a painted monogram from my preferred DIY retailer. It will be included on the box’s front.

Scrapbook paper is adhered to the exterior and interior of the decorative box using a thin layer of Modge Podge. Apply a scrapbook paper piece inside the box with Mod Podge, and then cut a “x” in the opening with the retractable knife. As seen below, carefully fold back the edges and attach them to the box’s back. Before proceeding to the next step, permit the adhesive to cure completely.

This idea only requires a decorative knob, though. However, a conventional knob would not function because the box is so light.

I was looking around my favorite craft store when I stumbled into the aisle for jewelry supplies. I found a tiny metal plaque there. It worked perfectly as the knob for the tiny decorative box when combined with a small piece of cork.

The handcrafted knob was finished with a little hot glue to attach the plaque to the cork and a little more to attach the box. The painted monogram letter was added to the front using hot glue as the final step.

What can be kept inside the decorative wall box is still up for discussion. While she wants to keep her favorite miniature dolls tucked within, our boys believe it’s a fantastic place for the Monopoly money that their sister loves to play store with.

I adore how a lovely box has replaced the outdated phone jack. The project was created for less than $10 overall, which is a bonus!
The decorative box is fixed in place using two Command Strips. I adore those items!

Every home has that one thing that makes us nuts. I’m thrilled that my special talent is fully hidden by a piece of homemade interior decoration. Finding a way to conceal a phone jack that didn’t need repairing sheetrock is so wonderful!

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I’m very grateful to Tasha for letting me share with you how to conceal an unsightly phone jack. I hope this article has given you some fresh ideas on how to hide ugly elements in your home without thinking “cigar” style.

In the interim, I would love for you to join me on my blog! You can follow me on social media or find me at my blog, 3 Little Greenwoods .

Before I leave, though, I have to ask: What is the one thing in your house that makes you crazy and you wish you could hide? Do you have a kitchen like I did?

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