Happy weekend from Norway! I’ve been exploring Oslo and the surrounding suburbs, taking in sights I missed the previous time I was here. It’s helpful to have a travel companion who is familiar with the location and the language because I’m traveling with a buddy who spends several months of the year here in Norway. Although the majority of Norwegians are English speakers, there is really no language barrier here, and everyone is very friendly.

Naturally, it’s cold, and yesterday it snowed, but my parka and boots have kept me warm and dry. People simply go about their daily lives and keep extremely comfortable, just as in other icy regions. I’ve primarily been offline, but I wanted to jump in and share some of my favorite websites with you.

“Mid-century modern meets Scandinavian” living room makeover .
kitchen transformed suburbia.
This current bathroom makeover has made some clever adjustments.
This wallpaper resembles tile exactly.





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