A drywall banjo is a useful item to have on hand if you’re putting up sheetrock in an entire room.
A banjo not only makes it easier to apply tape to the wall consistently and neatly, but it also significantly speeds up the procedure.

Although the function of pre-mudding your tape is the same for all drywall banjos, features differ between models. These are the top drywall banjos, according on your requirements.

2022’s TOP DRYWALL BANJOS Goldblatt G15301 Dry Tape Banjo (Top Pick) (Top Pick) Homax Drywall Tape and Mud Dispenser (Budget-Friendly) (Budget-Friendly) Tape Buddy FreeStanding Drywall Taping Tool (Best for Beginners) (Best for Beginners) Level 5 Automatic Drywall Taper (Top High-End) (Top High-End) Delko Plastic Drywall Banjo HOW GOOD ARE DRYWALL BANJOS? A portable gadget called a “drywall banjo” has a compartment for drywall tape and another for mud. Tape is equally coated with joint compound when you remove it from the banjo.

As you move down the joint you’re covering, you press the tape firmly against the wall and pull out further.

The drywall banjo prevents numerous typical problems, such as bubbling and looseness, by evenly distributing mud on the paper tape. These products can also help you get results that seem professional and greatly speed up the drywall installation process.

WHAT IS THE PRICE OF A DRYWALL BANJO? The majority of drywall banjos cost between $40 and $200, while some professional models cost significantly more. A excellent drywall banjo can be purchased for between $40 and $100 if you’re a do-it-yourselfer working on a home renovation project.

Professional models can go up to $1,000, but they are of excellent quality and are made to last for hundreds of jobs.

A DRYWALL BANJO SINGLE VS. DUAL WHEEL: WHAT TO CONSIDER Lower-end drywall bazookas (also known as drywall banjos) frequently have just one flat wheel. The drawback is that they won’t fit well in narrow places and inside corners.

The fact that they include a cutter is a plus.

Other drywall taping tool types are available with an extra pair of twin wheels that you may switch out. It is possible to tape inside corners and small locations thanks to these wheels.

The drawback is that they lack a cutting instrument, of course.

CAPABILITY FOR MUDDLY DRYWALL Although you might believe a banjo with more muck tolerance is preferable, that isn’t always the case. Fortunately, most drywall banjos come with enough compound to coat the tape and a common capacity of 500 feet of tape.

Anything more could make holding the banjo difficult or cumbersome.

THE DRYWALL BANJO’S WEIGHT If you’ve ever held something in your hand for a long time, you are aware of how fast it may become a pain. While the tape and mud make the majority of drywall banjo tapers hefty, you’ll also want to seek for one with a lightweight body.

AMOUNT OF PROJECT You probably don’t need a drywall banjo taping tool at all if you’re only making one-time repairs. Nevertheless, if you frequently complete little to medium-sized tasks or are an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, take into account a banjo with a flat applicator and corner wheels.

A banjo with a typical flat wheel will work perfectly for you if all you’re doing is flatwork and not corners.
GOLDBLATT G15301 DRY TAPE BANJO (TOP PICK) Best reviews of drywall banjos

Our top selection is the Goldblatt G15301, a simplistic and simple-to-use drywall banjo. It has a traditional wood handle and a light aluminum body.

This tool can carry 500 feet of tape and 40 feet of compound before needing to be replenished. It also has an adjustable knob for drywall mudflow and a side strap for a better grip.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this. Although it functions effectively, some users claim it is incredibly disorganized.
Other than that, it is missing a corner wheel.

PROS: High-quality, lightweight construction Has a cutter that can hold up to 500 feet of tape. Adjustment knob for the mud control Negative: No corner wheel Sloppy Buy The Goldblatt G15301 Dry Tape Banjo On Amazon


The Homax Drywall Tape and Mud dispenser is a great option if you need a tool for a quick drywall job that won’t break the bank.

You can apply 60 feet of joint tape to the wall in 60 seconds with the aid of this gadget. The tape roll weighs little and can hold 500 feet of it.

The lack of a cutting blade on this model is one of the main criticisms. In order to cut as you go, you will need to carry a taping knife.

PROS: Affordable holds 500 feet of tape. Adjustment knob for the mud control Lightweight CONS: No blade for cutting. no corner wheels Buy The Homax Drywall Tape and Mud Dispenser On Amazon


Although it functions a little differently than a typical drywall banjo, the Tape Buddy is great for beginners and even adored by some experts.

To remove your pre-muddied tape, place the tape friend down on a flat surface rather than lugging it around with you everywhere. The procedure is still the same: load your tape, load your mud, and then remove the tape.

Unbelievably, the Tape Buddy has received over 1,100 reviews on Amazon and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is also the most affordable item on this list.

PROS: Very user-friendly very affordable Highly-rated You’re not required to hold it. CONS: It could be more difficult to find long tape rolls. No blades present Buy The Tape Buddy FreeStanding Drywall Taping Tool On Amazon


For use by professionals, the Level 5 Automatic Taper reduces taping time in half. However, a high-end product inevitably has a hefty price tag.

A lightweight pole body called the Level 5 drywall taper automatically applies the right joint compound and tape to the wall. The tape is embedded in the mud as the wheels pass over it after you have slid the compound and tape over the seams.

A quick-release cutting tool is also included with this instrument. For professionals wishing to finish drywall quickly, the Level 5 Taper is difficult to beat.

CONS: Joint compound and tape are applied simultaneously. Simple-gliding wheels Corner applicator with a trigger Quick-release chain cutter Price is better for professionals; DIYers should avoid it Buy The Level 5 Automatic Drywall Taper On Amazon .


The Delko plastic drywall banjo is our final choice. If you need a corner applicator for DIY projects, this model is excellent.

500 feet of tape can be held in the Delko drywall banjo. It has a corner wheel for creased seams and a normal flat wheel for flat seams.

Uneven mudding is the main grievance against this model, which has received high ratings. All drywall banjos, meanwhile, have a learning curve, thus such complaints might be the result of user error.

A flat wheel and a crease wheel are included for corners. Contains 500 feet of tape. mud control dials that are movable loop for a cozy grip DISCONS: Lacks a cutting edge Goldblatt G15301 Dry Tape Banjo 0

LAST THOUGHTS The best equipment for expediting the installation of drywall are drywall banjos. They do, however, have a learning curve.
You’ll need to make a few attempts until you get your mud to the right consistency for your taping instrument.

If you’re searching for a beginner-friendly alternative, consider the Tape Buddy. The Goldblatt G15301 or the Delko drywall banjo are better options if you’re a serious DIYer seeking for a durable banjo.





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