May 20, 2019: Latest Update

Hello once more! Leigh Anne from Houseologie is here. You might recall me from my most recent guest post where I demonstrated how I created these amusing DIY stamped canvas totes.

Well, I’m back this month with another leather-related project.

I hope the beautiful spring weather is making you want to do some cleaning. I’m aware that I’m not the only one who gets giddy over such things! I enjoy decluttering and getting rid of things, as well as decorating, redecorating, and redecorating. Do you see a pattern here? You can sometimes get the best of both worlds when spring cleaning and decorating kind of collide. This is the case with her (yep, she’s a girl!) DIY Leather Drawer Pulls for this Mid-Century Modern Credenza.

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You see, the spring cleaning was necessary since my husband was switching offices at the company. During spring break, I was organizing and cleansing our home. He asked if I wanted this AMAZING Mid-Century Modern Credenza and sent me a picture of it via text. Really, YES! Naturally, I want it. I considered it to be a truly lovely piece of furniture that would also serve as much-needed storage in the dining room. For your convenience, this article includes some affiliate links. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

I knew I wanted to switch out the drawer pulls for something very magnificent when I added those lovely hairpin legs and painted the drawer fronts. Nothing that I found truly caught my attention, so I made my own after searching everywhere. Continue reading to discover how to make them yourself!

HOW TO MAKE LEATHER DRAWER PULLS ESSENTIAL MATERIALS FOR DO-IT-YOURSELF LEATHER DRAWER PULLS Note: Ensure that every brass piece you own is compatible with the others.

Drill STEPS TO MAKE DIY LEATHER DRAWER PULLS 1) I used the existing holes in my drawers because they were spaced six inches apart from the old handles. This saved me from having to fill the old ones and drill new ones. I increased the length by 2 inches and cut my leather strips into 8 inch pieces so that they would curve out and form a handle shape.

2) Rather than attempting to cut the hole, I used my drill and a predrill bit to create the holes in the leather. On top of a scrap of wood, I simply folded the leather strip in half, noted the location of my hole, and drilled through. If the machine screw does not fit through the hole, simply change the bit size and try drilling through again.

3) After drilling the holes in your leather, thread your machine screw through your finishing washers and insert it through the opening. Then, insert both screws through the drawers’ holes. Incorporate a washer and nut onto the screw’s back. Just make sure your leather is straight on the front of your drawer before you tighten it all the way.

The end of that. You won’t believe how simple these are.
DIY Sliding Door
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