Drywall will likely be on your supply list if you need to create or replace walls as part of a room renovation.
Which may have you debating: Sheetrock vs. Drywall: Which is Better?
You may be surprised at the solution. What you should know is as follows.
What distinguishes Drywall from Sheetrock? There is no distinction between Sheetrock and drywall. Simply put, Sheetrock is a drywall manufacturer.
Many people confuse the terms Sheetrock and drywall because it is one of the most well-known drywall brands.
However, not all drywall is Sheetrock, even if all Sheetrock is drywall. In truth, there are hundreds of high-quality drywall brands available.

Gypsum is layered between two strong paper sheets to create drywall. Some businesses add chemicals to their drywall to strengthen, mold- or fire-resistant it.
However, all drywall brands are comparable independent of the manufacturer.

The major global producer of gypsum board, United States Gypsum Corporation, sells drywall under the name Sheetrock. There are various different drywall panel kinds made by Sheetrock, including lightweight, mold-resistant, and fire code X.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF SHEETROCK? You can use Sheetrock, a type of drywall, on the walls and ceilings of residential and commercial structures.
WHAT TYPES OF SHEETROCK ARE THERE? There are various varieties of drywall panels made by Sheetrock, including:

Standard – The sheetrock standard drywall panels are available in 1/4, 3/8, and 12 inch thicknesses and are the least priced. Ultralight – Ultralight Sheetrock is identical to ordinary Sheetrock, however it is less heavy. Ultralight Mold Tough is a green, lightweight drywall that resists mold and moisture. Sheetrock offers fire code X drywall in conventional panels and an eco-friendly variant. For a variety of uses, Sheetrock produces drywall products. Therefore, you may get whatever you need, whether it be fire-rated or mold- and moisture-resistant.

FOR THE CEILING, SHEETROCK OR DRYWALL? You have the option of using Sheetrock, a brand of drywall, for the ceiling or picking a different one. For ceilings, a half-inch layer of drywall is typical.

DOES SHEETROCK COST LESS THAN DRYWALL? Brands of drywall include Sheetrock. One of the most well-known drywall brands
The cost of sheetrock is not excessive. But you may definitely get off-brand drywall panels for less money.

LAST THOUGHTS It can be difficult to understand the language if you don’t work with drywall. So, even though Sheetrock is just a brand name for drywall, a lot of people confuse the two phrases.

While there are many other options available, Sheetrock is a terrific brand to take into consideration if you’re ready to redecorate a room.





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