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I’m very pleased to show you my most recent Ikea Malm hack, but before, allow me to explain how this idea came about.

Let’s be honest. Furniture costs a lot. When I start looking for something, I always get sticker shock. When I moved into my new home office, I knew I needed some storage for my craft supplies, camera tripods, etc., and I thought a dresser would be my best option (I prefer drawers to shelves whenever possible). I found this gorgeous dresser from Pottery Barn when looking for one for my new home office.

I adored the industrial feel of it, but the size was inadequate, and look at the price! I couldn’t afford it. So, as per usual, I set out to discover how to achieve the appearance of an industrial dresser on a somewhat lower expense, and I adore what I discovered. The best part is that it was really reasonable and simple! View my version, which only cost me $286. (you can see the full cost breakdown at the end of this post).

Who would have thought that an Ikea Malm could look elegant and lovely? Continue reading to find out how I made this industrial dresser. I also strongly advise you to watch the 1-minute movie below for an excellent overview of the entire project.

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DIY IKEA Malm Hack Using Materials That Have an Industrial Feel NEEDED Malm 6-drawer dresser from Ikea (I chose the brown stained ash veneer finish) (12) in this style drawer handles; (4) 3/4″ x 6″ steel pipe One piece of wood, cut and stained to the length of your Malm dresser (I paid $14.98 for a piece of utility shelving and combined some stains I already had at home to match the color as well as I could) (8) 3/4 inch steel floor flanges screws that self-tap Drill operator ACTIONS The Ikea Malm dresser is assembled like this. It’s quite dull and plain, but very robust!

1) To get rid of grease, clean your pipe and flanges.
2) Measure the length of your wood shelf and stain it.
3) Drawer pull locations should be marked. I added two drawer pulls measuring 2.5′′ to each drawer.
4) Drill the holes and connect the drawer pulls.
5) Join a floor flange to each of your wood board’s bottom corners.
6) Insert each flange with a pipe.
7) Fasten a flange to each pipe’s opposite end.

8) Turn the board over, and then fasten the flanges to your Ikea Malm dresser’s top. Before you screw the flanges on, make sure that every pipe is plumb (vertically level).

I’m done now! The simplest Ikea Malm hack you’ve ever seen, no doubt. And I’m in love with the final result! Let’s now look at the breakdown of costs.

IKEA MALM HACK’S COST Malm dresser from Ikea, $179 $28 for 12 drawer pulls. $14.98 for a wood utility shelf $13.12 for 6 pieces of pipe $51.04 for 8 floor flanges. FINAL PRICE: $286.14 For so much storage, not bad at all! Additionally, it is considerably less expensive than the Pottery Barn item that served as the model for this Ikea Malm hack!

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