As you are aware, I enjoy traveling, and on average, I take one flight each month for either business or pleasure, sometimes locally and sometimes abroad. Today’s topic is skincare; last year I blogged about my airplane travel needs.

The majority of women take care of our skin. Traveling is more challenging since, at least for me, I can’t pack all of my full-size faves while still wanting to keep that glow. In the last several years, I’ve picked up a few tips and developed a few gadgets that help me maintain amazing skin even while I’m halfway across the globe.

1. Rules for airlines. If there is no charge, I occasionally check my luggage, but occasionally not. I’ve been on the road for three weeks with only a carry-on suitcase and tote bag, so I’ve committed the TSA rules for liquids to memory. They must be contained in a sealed container weighing 3.4 ounces or less, and each container must fit inside a single 1-quart-sized transparent plastic resealable bag.

When going through security, they may on occasion ask you to remove this bag from your carry-on bag; this has frequently happened to me in airports in Europe. Since I am aware of this, I always take extra liquid skincare or cosmetics in plastic Ziplock bags for the trip home. This is merely an extra precaution for you because liquids can leak; there’s nothing worse than having your favorite skin serum spill all over your clothes.

2. Everything in Mini. My preferred tool is these little containers . I squirt just the right amount of moisturizers and lotions into my cosmetic bag. Because all of my favorite skincare products are larger than 3 oz back home, I don’t have to purchase smaller versions of them, which saves me some money as well.

I do purchase travel-sized dry shampoo, texture spray, and other beauty products, and I put them in my zip-up skincare bag. I also collect tiny skincare samples and keep them in storage to use when I travel.

Sun protection, third. About ten years ago, I started noticing some darkening on my face as a result of excessive, unprotected sun exposure. To balance it out, I had to use a hydroquinone treatment, and I now religiously put sunscreen on my face (and usually wear a hat).

There are several skincare products on the market, however I’ve discovered that Dermalogica Broad Spectrum SPF 50 skincare recovery works the best for my face. I apply Alba Botanica Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 30 Fragrance Free for protection all over my body, then top it off with Alba Botanica SPF 15 skincare oil since it makes my skin glow and has a wonderful scent.

4. Water intake. The one thing I usually do before a flight is drink a lot of water because airplanes are really drying to the skin. I always find that drinking a lot before and after the plane arrives helps because I want to sit in the window seat and don’t want to bother my row neighbors excessively.

When I travel to a new place, I like to get started right away, and being hydrated both keeps my energy levels high and helps with jet lag.

I’ve used these sheet masks for my face (available at Target), but I prefer to travel with a tiny hydrator to spritz on my skin right before landing. I’ve used the Mario Badescu facial spray in the past, and it’s pretty lovely, but my newest favorite is the Dermalogica AntiOxidant Hydramist because, after a long flight or a long day, it smells and feels so wonderful:)

5. Keeping. I have a great cosmetic bag, model number this one is my favorite , that is the ideal size for makeup. (Skincare items receive a separate case.) Additionally, I wanted to highlight that I just recently found TSA rules 0 on Amazon. I adore them. They cost a lot less than TSA rules 1 does. I really recommend the medium and big because they fold up incredibly little for travel and are available in a ton of vibrant colors. They can be opened up and used as a beach bag, an overnight bag, or a bag for your mementos on the trip home.

Happy traveling, buddies! Enjoy yourselves and be careful out there!
Share any advice you have about traveling as well!





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