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If you believe that furniture is extremely pricey, raise your hand! I RAISED MINE! You see, one of the factors that made me a DIYer was the cost of furniture. When my husband and I first got married, we began looking for bedroom furniture. The pricing really SHOCKED us. Instead, we decided to build a headboard and bedside tables from scratch using some inexpensive tools—they were our very first DIY furniture projects! However, we also enjoy to restore old furniture. This is especially true if the piece has several drawers, as they can be tough to work with. I therefore want to share with you my DIY furniture restoration guide. You should be able to transform any piece of furniture using my techniques!

The dresser in this post was a piece of a set that I found by the side of the road for them. I actually filmed in the parking lot of a “Fruits and Veggies” storefront that no longer carries fresh produce (in fact, it mostly sells junk refrigerators and things like that). However, when I spotted this furniture, I told Joe to halt so I could have a look. It turned out that I managed to get the full set for $160, which included the two bedside tables as well as a dresser, chest of drawers, and mirror. The set was made of solid wood, and the brass hardware was in good shape; all it needed was little TLC. The wood wasn’t in the best of shape, but since I enjoy painted furniture, that wasn’t a problem for me, and my do-it-yourself furniture restoration converted this piece into a showpiece!

DIY TUTORIAL FOR RESTORING FURNITURE I advise watching the overview video down below before reading the entire lesson. A quick ad will be followed by the video.

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Supplies required:

REMEMBER: YOU CAN FIND CAMPAIGN HARDWARE HERE IF YOU FIND AN OLD DRESSER TO RESTORE AND WANT TO ADD CAMPAIGN HARDWARE (THE TYPE OF BRASS HARDWARE ON MY PIECE) TO IT! Paper towels and paint ( Simple Green Bar Keeper’s friend Mohawk Lacquer for Brass Behlen Slideez 5 in 1 tool HomeRight HomeRight spray shelter ). Before I started, this dresser looked like this.


1) Using your 5-in-1 tool, carefully remove your hardware. Then, if necessary, sand any particularly rough areas of your item. Your object DOES NOT need to be completely sanded. Any truly tough parts should be promptly knocked down.

2) Use Bar Keeper’s friend and a wire brush to clean your hardware. Apply Mohawk Lacquer for Brass after cleaning and drying it to shield it from further tarnishing and discolouration. In the long run, it will save you time and effort because it is such a simple and quick process.

3) Use Simple Green to clean your wooden furniture piece. To make sure there is no Simple Green residue left on the item after you have cleaned it with it, spray it down with water and dry it with paper towels. Otherwise, paint adherence may be affected.

4) You are now prepared to paint! I rapidly loaded my Simple Green 0 with paint and set up my HomeRight spray shelter. Remember to carefully study the sprayer’s instructions to ensure that your paint has the right consistency. I had to use a little water to thin out my paint. Use paint brushes and rollers if you don’t have a sprayer. When painting the entire item, including the interior of the drawers, I prefer to use a sprayer because it goes a little quicker.

5) After my paint had dried, I covered the whole thing in Simple Green 1. Your paint’s color won’t actually alter as a result of the light antique wax, but it will get a little gloss, depth, and protection. Avoid waxing your piece if you want a flawlessly flat, consistent surface. Because I didn’t want the items to look brand new or flawless, I waxed mine. In the video down below, I demonstrate how to apply wax.

6) Reinstall your equipment. 7) Use your Simple Green 2 on any places of contact on your piece that are sticking if you have drawers that stick, like I did with this piece. You guys, this stuff is incredible. I’ve tried rubbing beeswax or candles on sticky drawers in the past, and that sort of helps. However, thanks to this, the dresser’s drawers are now easy to open and close and slide out like a dream. Additionally, it smells incredible (side note). I’m done now. Check out how gorgeous this DIY renovation came out! It looks fantastic in my daughter’s room. If you couldn’t tell, she has a thing for purple and animals. mv create 1112002016 key=”1″ type=”list” Most Favorite Projects” thumbnail=”a href=”https designertrapped com” title DIY home décor projects blog wp content uploads jpg a





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