I’m spending a few days in Las Vegas working on my rental property and seeing my parents. I frequently visit Las Vegas since I have family who live nearby, I own real estate there, and it’s a short flight from the Bay Area. I’ve been to Vegas more than twenty times in the last four years for both business and pleasure.

The casinos and eateries that line Las Vegas Boulevard on The Strip are what make Las Vegas so well-known. When a concert or band I wish to attend is in town, I have also spent time there. As much fun as it is to stroll through the casinos on the Boulevard, I always invite guests who are here for the first time to the Bellagio to view the lobby and fountains as well as The Venetian, two of my favorite properties.

But Las Vegas is much more than just the casinos along The Strip. I went up to the snow on Mount Charleston with my folks over the weekend, and I posted a couple images to my Instagram stories. There is so much to do in this area; these are just a few of the locations I suggest, along with some advice from my parents and my relatives who live here.

MEAD LAKE A great summer destination is Lake Mead, which can be reached from Las Vegas in 30 minutes. At the harbor, you can rent boats for a great day.

DAM HOOVER The Hoover Dam, one of the greatest feats of engineering, was constructed during the Great Depression and spans the Colorado River on the boundary of Arizona and Nevada. A day trip to visit it is well worthwhile! On the way, stop at the adorable Boulder City, Nevada; nevertheless, before you leave, check out their festivals and jamborees ; they’re usually having a wonderful time there.

CONCORD CANYON I enjoy hiking up in Red Rock Canyon because you can see amazing rock formations, desert plants (my favorite are the Joshua trees), and if you’re lucky, a wild burro.

ANNIE SPARES Visit Old Town Bonnie Springs, , which is located just outside of Red Rock Canyon, to experience the Old West. There, you can go horseback riding, visit a saloon, and watch live shooting performances.

VOLVO FUN You can go on jeep rental excursions, rent a slingshot , or go to SpeedVegas to race automobiles at the track if you’re an explorer or thrill seeker.

Mount Charleston Drive the 35 minutes up to the Mt. Charleston resort area to experience the feeling of being in the mountains. There is an lodge at the summit with rental cabins, an resort immediately below, an campgrounds , and an Lee Canyon with skiing. In Vegas, you may play in the snow throughout the winter.






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