HOW TO USE POLYMER CLAY TO DECORATE PLANT POTS) Cookie cutters INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Lightly sprinkle some corn starch over the surface you will be working on.

Step 2: Decide the color you wish to use initially. Before using polymer clay, it needs to be warmed up and kneaded. It is quick and simple. Simply rub it with your hands and fingers until it becomes warm and velvety.

Step 3: Roll out your polymer clay using a round object. The polymer clay set I ordered included a useful acrylic roller. Make an effort to roll it out to a consistent thickness. Although there are no strict guidelines, I rolled mine fairly thin.

Step 4: Using your cookie cutters , cut out whatever words or shapes you choose. Use a pencil to gently poke your cut clay out of the cookie cutters if you’re having difficulties getting it out.

Step 5: After finishing, move your polymer clay shapes to a baking sheet by placing some parchment paper that has been folded up on top. Before baking, smooth away any blemishes with a fingerdipped in water. It also aids in removing surplus maize starch.

Step 6: Bake the polymer clay in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Based on the brand or variation, it varies a little. For mine, I baked them for 10 minutes at 275 degrees.

Step 7: After cooling, they ought still still be somewhat flexible (after all, polymer clay is basically plastic). That is PERFECT since it is evident that rounded plant containers are curved. Turn all of your forms over, and rub the DAP plastic primer all over their backs, as well as the portion of your plastic pot (or pots) that you will be gluing the shapes to. Give it one minute to rest.

Step 8: Apply your DAP Rapid Fuse sparingly to the underside of each form. After that, put it on your plastic pot and hold it there while it sets (it takes barely 30 seconds for something this light). Continue till finished.

Step 9 (optional): If you want to wax your polymer clay shapes, lightly smooth them beforehand. It slightly evens them out and brings out the clay’s color.

I’m done now! How adorable are they for real? I’m eager to create more. These are the only two that I have created thus far. They’ll be fantastic presents for my plant-loving buddies, in my opinion!


Since I now know how to use polymer clay to embellish plant pots, I anticipate making a lot more of these. If I make one of these for a friend or loved one, please act surprised;)

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