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You undoubtedly already know that Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up if you have small children. I truly like the preschool teachers of my daughters, and I want to give them extra special teacher appreciation gifts this year because they work so, so hard the entire year. I am so excited to share with you how I made these simple, lovely dotted Sharpie mugs!

There are two teachers working with my twin girls’ preschool class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. In addition to having a fantastic time at preschool, Attley and Avery have actually learned SO MUCH this year, all because to how hard Ms. J and Ms. K have been working. In February, for instance, my daughters’ class studied penguins, and one morning when it snowed, Avery began reciting all she had learned. She enthusiastically informed me of the MANY information she knew, including the fact that penguins live in snow. She also revealed to me that penguins lay eggs, which they balance on their feet to produce young. I felt inspired. Ms. J said that they had practiced balancing eggs on their feet for that lesson when I expressed my surprise that Avery remembered that penguins balance their eggs on their feet. WOW! She holds a degree in early childhood education, whereas I do not. And it just serves to highlight how passionately our girls’ teachers are about instructing them while having a good time. Our good fortune in having them.

I shared my simple dotted Easter eggs on Reasons to Skip the Housework, where many of you may have seen them. Making the eggs was so much fun. I decorated the eggs using a technique I first saw applied to mugs. These simple, dot-patterned Sharpie cups immediately came to me once I made the decision to make Ms. J and Ms. K personalized gifts this year! I then started working after asking them what their preferred colors were. For your convenience, this article includes some affiliate links. To see my complete disclosure statement, click here.

ESSENTIAL MATERIALS FOR SIMPLE DOTTED SHARPIE MUGS: White cups These are the precise Sharpie paint pens that I use, which have an oil base: Craft Stickers var viewsCacheL10n = {"admin_ajax_url":"https:\/\/\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","post_id":"3472"};