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Anyone else getting a little tired of reading about how to organize your refrigerator in magazines and online? You’re aware of the advice and articles I’m referring to, right? The ones that have everything perfectly color-coded, with foods and beverages that we can all agree were bought solely for the photo opportunity because those of us with typical lives and families are aware of what an actual fridge looks like? The reverse of that is what this post about organizing your refrigerator is about. Considering that neither you nor I am interested in learning organizing tricks that will only apply to a fantasy version of our lives. We appreciate The Container Store providing us with products to finish this project. I feel privileged to represent The Container Store as a brand ambassador!

OUR FREEZER: THE EARLIER Everything about the extensive kitchen remodel we completed earlier this year, including the new refrigerator, has been wonderful for us. But now that we’ve become used to our kitchen and are fully aware of how we use it, it’s time to improve some areas with greater organization. Our refrigerator organization was our top priority.

It feels a bit like I’m showing you the interior of my underwear drawer, I have to admit. It has a slightly intimate vibe. That said, I don’t mind if you don’t judge me too harshly.

Although many of you may not think it was all that horrible, it was actually quite dysfunctional. Though it was a fantastic concept in theory, we ended up stuffing anything and everything into the giant white bin on the lower left side of the refrigerator because it was so large. Even more was placed on top of more. In other words, making similar goods available utterly defeated the point of housing them. To truly organize things in a way that made sense, we required smaller containers as well as more of them.

CONTAINERS FOR REFRIGERATOR ORGANIZATION I’m OVER THE MOON pleased to announce that this year I will be a Brand Ambassador for The Container Store . The Container Store is the ideal place to go for everything and everything organizational, if you are unfamiliar with it. Seriously. You can find all you need there if you have something to organize. It’s a fairly sublime experience to walk up and down the aisles if you’re into organization. To make the most of your home and maximize space, they have thousands of kitchen equipment.

I regrettably don’t get to go in person very frequently because our closest store is more than an hour away. For my endeavor to organize my refrigerator, I purchased all of my materials online. For your convenience, this article includes some affiliate links. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

For our endeavor to organize the refrigerator, we selected the following items:

Greensaver produce keepers Stackable bottle holders Stackable egg holders Carafes Refrigerator storage bins And you are fortunate. You can benefit from their current kitchen sale through November 10th to obtain all the refrigerator organization supplies you require. Visit The Container Store’s amazing selection of kitchen storage and organization goods by clicking HERE .

8 USEFUL GUIDELINES FOR ORGANIZING YOUR REFRIGERATOR I cleaned and organized our refrigerator for approximately an hour. The advice I believe is worth sharing is as follows:

Tip 1: Start by throwing away anything that is no longer usable or recognizable (yes, that may have happened to me). Tip 2: Even if you intend to keep it, throw away everything that is still there. Then clean your fridge from top to bottom. When your fridge is empty, you might be amazed by how many small spills and other mysterious sticky patches you find. Simply handle it. I swear it’s quick and simple. Tip 3: Consider whether something should remain in its current container OR if it would be better to transfer it to another item before deciding what to put back. I made the choice to use the carafes I had ordered for our half-and-half, almond milk, and coconut milk. With a permanent marker, you can mark the carafe’s expiration date (don’t worry, it will wash off). However, since those products NEVER expire before we use them up, I didn’t do that. I am aware of my family, lol. Transfer your produce into the incredible Greensaver containers as the fourth tip. They do, in fact, help keep fruit fresher for longer. Using these containers for the berries we consume frequently has changed the game.

Tip 5: Take products out of extra packing (the cardboard container butter comes in, for example). Place your eggs in the egg holders (tip 6). Using one egg container for hard-boiled eggs and the other for fresh eggs may seem strange to some people, but we generally always have at least 2 dozen eggs on hand and hard-boil eggs in bulk, so it’s nice to do. They save so much space by stacking on top of one another, which I ADORE.

Seventh tip: Group like goods in bins. Along with two snack bins for things like applesauce and pickles, we have two bins for sauces (think BBQ sauce, salsa, soy sauce, etc.). Additionally, we have a specific bin specifically for condiments. It actually works to have MORE smaller containers. When it comes to refrigerator storage containers, bigger is not necessarily better.

8th tip: Give small children a “tour” of the refrigerator so they can understand where everything goes and attempt to keep the products they need within their reach. They’ll probably be GLAD to adhere to the new rules. When everything has its place, life is simpler for everyone.

THE AFTER IS IN OUR REFRIGERATOR There you have it, then. Your refrigerator may be completely transformed to become more functional with the correct refrigerator organization products and an hour of your time. This shows our refrigerator before and after I worked on this project side by side.

HERE and HERE offer even more advice and suggestions for organizing your refrigerator. Additionally, I believe that this refrigerator organization video is packed with excellent advice that you could find useful.

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