Originally published on August 10, 2021

Beautiful homes are spread throughout a wide range of interior design styles and price ranges. However, PEOPLE WITH BEAUTIFUL HOMES ALWAYS DO 5 THINGS. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE?

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Have you ever had Instagram envy? Do you understand what I’m referring to? When you read through Instagram and see gorgeous spaces, you have that “WOW. I wish my living room was that lovely” feeling. So, guess what… Just like the ones you see in magazines, on Instagram, and on Pinterest, you can design stunning rooms. You can, in fact. You know, those who live in lovely homes tend to do a particular number of things. You too can perform them: 1) They become and maintain organization. 5 THINGS PEOPLE WITH BEAUTIFUL HOUSES DO I’ve never seen a case where this was an exception. Those that live in houses that make you say, “Wow, this is so gorgeous!” are always well-organized. There aren’t mountains of paperwork lying around. Their refrigerators aren’t piled high with out-of-date coupons or notes from their children’s schools. They have procedures in place and everything has a place that makes sense, making it easy to maintain their homes tidy and organized. That doesn’t imply that everything is spotless and organized. Simply put, it’s not chaotic in the same way that unorganized people’s homes are. Even though I have a very different sense of style than you do, I think you would agree that our house is organized. Our keys, jackets, purses, backpacks, and other items all have a place. We don’t just go into our house and dump things on the kitchen or a table. Every thing is organized. And it makes it so simple to maintain organization and cleanliness with little effort. 2) They ensure that their rooms have “white space.” I don’t mean that the walls are painted white when I say “white space” (although they may be). I’m referring to the fact that there is some open space on the walls and the floor. Not every nook and corner is completely crammed with antiques and large furnishings. You feel as though you can breathe in the area. Look at how the house below feels light and spacious. It’s not due of the white walls. It’s because there is a lot of “white space” surrounding the furniture and on the walls. “family room Photo by Amanda Teal Design ” “ Search family room pictures ” 3) They make use of a thoughtful color scheme for the house. Have you ever entered a house where the color palette is consistent throughout the entire property? Simply put, it flows beautifully and feels good. Have you ever visited a home where each room is painted a different color, on the other hand? It has a startling feeling, don’t you think? Many people are concerned that using the same color scheme throughout their entire home will feel monotonous, but this is untrue. You can design a home that flows naturally from one home to the next by using a small number of complementary colors that go well together (I advise using 3 to 5 interior wall paint colors for an entire house). The best part is that even if your decorating preferences change from room to room, your home will still feel unified if you use an intended color palette throughout. If you require assistance selecting colors for your home, read this article on the foolproof method to choose paint colors. The majority of the walls in our former home were painted Opal White by Clark Kensington or Babbling Brook by Olympic. Then we keep using navy in all of our home’s rooms. While the other hues in the space may differ slightly, navy is a color that they all share. Below, you can view our dining room and family room. Even though the rooms have overall very different aesthetics, color helps to bind them together. 4) They don’t purchase furnishings in matching sets. Beautiful houses have the appearance of having been assembled over many years. There are numerous wood treatments and tones available. The pieces don’t match, but they do complement one another. This is a look that simply cannot be achieved if you buy your side tables and coffee tables as a matching set or a full bedroom suite in the same exact wood. That is not to mean that you cannot have any furniture that coordinates. Having a loveseat and couch in the same fabric is frequently practical. But to create a wonderfully curated design for your spaces, like you see in any home magazine, you must mix and match items. AA4 AA5 AA6

The best illustration of this is in our master bedroom. Our nightstands and chest of drawers are part of a matched set (that we found on the side of the road and painted–you can read all about that here ). Our dresser, though, came from a thrift shop, and all the other items in the room were bought separately. The furniture in the room thus gives the impression that it has been carefully chosen over time. 5) They produce a unified design strategy. Before arranging their rooms, those who live in beautiful homes thought through a design strategy. They consider not only the color scheme but also the layout of the room, the size of the furniture that will be placed there, and the best way to combine patterns and colors. They don’t just haphazardly purchase items they enjoy and fill their room without giving the situation careful consideration. They avoid the five most typical interior design blunders I find by coming up with a coherent design strategy. Without engaging the services of an interior designer, you may undoubtedly establish an unified design strategy. I assure you that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if that sounds like a lot. With the help of my product, Designer in a Binder, you can completely come up with a comprehensive design strategy for your house by yourself. You can build a home you love for a FRACTION of the cost of even just one hour with an interior designer thanks to my comprehensive design system. Additionally, it will enable you to develop a sensible design strategy PRIOR to spending money or losing time, which will save you a ton of both. I provide clear instructions on how to do all of this in Designer in a Binder®! Your binder can be ordered right now. So far, we’ve had over 7,900 pleased clients!

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