This week, my aunt and I went plant shopping. We visited a nearby nursery where they sell a wider variety of plants, such as string of pearl succulents and stag ferns, than those found in home improvement stores’ garden sections. It’s lovely when you can find them in a nearby nursery, but occasionally what you want isn’t there.

If at all possible, I want to have living plants in every room, and I’ve found that adding more green leafy plants to a room makes it feel calmer. My living room’s formality is tempered by a variety of green plants, which also give the space a desirable organic feel. Sitting in this space always makes me feel at ease, especially in the morning when sunlight streams in through the window.

In indoor plants, I constantly search for unique textures or shapes. When you vary the hues and textures of your houseplants in the same way that you would with your decor, it creates a stunning display that is more engaging.

I had believed that I would never order plants online, but after receiving all of these outdoor plants in excellent condition two years ago and seeing how well they still look in my courtyard, I’ve changed my mind. Funny how trendy plants can be. Succulents, fiddle leaf figs, and tropical plants have been appearing for years. Here are a couple of my recent favorites that you might like to add to your home library.

EARRING STRAP This gorgeous succulent that resembles a bead hangs gracefully from the sides of its container. Nell at Joyus Garden has some excellent advice for caring for string of pearls succulents indoors. Likewise Gardennerdy .

BANANAS IN A STRING Another draping succulent, but this one has tiny leaves that resemble bananas. additionally low water and upkeep.
Banana string from the plant farm

A FISHBONE CACTUS OR RIC RAC The ric rac or fishbone cactus, which may be recognized by its wavy leaves, requires little care and is safe for pets. On their website, Costa Farms posts some planting and care instructions ; Geo Fleur also has some tips on thriving . here Purchase one online.

FERN IN A BIRDS NEST This plant is beautiful to add to your home because of its curling fronds. On how to care , HGTV offers some advice for a bird’s nest fern.

LEOPARD EAR Due to its huge, heart-shaped, vivid green leaves, this Alocasia is often known as the “elephant ear plant.” There are several varieties available. This plant, which is designated as toxic to pets , has a maximum height of 5 feet. caring for string of pearls succulents 0 has advice on taking care of indoor plants.

These tropical plants are gorgeous, and they look well in corners. Don’t you think their stems are great for decorating spaces? To bring the rainforest indoors, use caring for string of pearls succulents 1 or caring for string of pearls succulents 2. Note that this is caring for string of pearls succulents 3 for cats and dogs.

PLANT OF A MONEY TREE With the help of this tiny tree, bring luck inside. Its distinctive braided trunk is developed when they are young; it is not a natural trait. They are frequently available in the garden section of most nurseries or home improvement stores. You can find care instructions at caring for string of pearls succulents 4 at Apartment Therapy. These can grow up to 6 feet indoors.

PLANT ZZ This has become one of my new favorites because it requires so little care, is tolerant, and I adore its glossy, dense leaves. This one is frequently available at a garden supply store, but you can also caring for string of pearls succulents 5. On caring for string of pearls succulents 6, Miracle Gro has some advice. Be warned that this plant is also caring for string of pearls succulents 7.

Remember, it’s crucial to caring for string of pearls succulents 8 if you have pets!
Which coolest home plant have you recently added to your collection?





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