Originally published on August 10, 2021

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Is it true that not everyone has a large porch that wraps around? I’m positive we don’t. Our porches, front and back, are both quite small. Small porches, though, can be fantastic! Today I’m going to give you some tips for designing a small porch and show you how we completely changed our back porch into a welcoming living space.

The fact that our rear “porch” (if you can call it that) is a small deck wasn’t the only problem we had with it. Right near the rear entrance, the area was also littered with unsightly utility boxes. What a pain in the eye.

IDEA FOR A SMALL PORCH Here are my top tiny porch ideas to consider before you start looking for your own little porch:
1) Include plants. All lovely little porch ideas incorporate greenery. To upgrade your porch design, all you need is a straightforward planter or hanging box.

2) Go vertical – Make the most of vertical space. For color and intrigue, dangle hanging plants, a wreath, and outside lighting. You might even consider hanging some art if you have wall space.

3. Include seats. Even a simple garden stool can be used as sitting on most modest porches. However, even the smallest seat enhances the pleasant atmosphere of a room.

4) Incorporate color and texture – Add a ton of visual appeal by using a variety of colors and textures to evoke the atmosphere of a warm, enclosed space.

Are you prepared for a tour of our newly renovated room keeping those suggestions for small porch décor in mind? You’ll see that I followed all of my own recommendations.

You can find the tutorial for the DIY wood screen solution we used to cover those unsightly utility boxes here. Even while that was a significant improvement on its own, I knew I wanted to add a lot of color and texture, so I naturally went to Pier 1, one of my “go to” stores. I selected two Casbah chairs in Mocha and dressed them in turquoise cushions and tile embroidered pillows garb.

these awesome nesting tables was also included. They take up little room yet offer a lot of surface area for plates, drinks, and snacks:) We can sit on the porch and watch our twin kids play in the backyard now that they are a little older (they are 5).

Speaking of plates and other items, Pier 1 has AMAZING outdoor dinnerware. Those plates are melamine y’all ! What?! They genuinely resemble real pottery. Furthermore, the acrylic stemware appears to be made of glass. The chip and dip plate is now breakable, but it was too adorable to pass up.

We hung some LED industrial string lights , a gorgeous wreath, and a hanging plant to make use of the vertical space. They are battery-operated, so you don’t even need to plug them in, and they look so lovely at night!

Naturally, we also put some vegetation to our concrete planter. My all-time fave is Creeping Jenny.
And now let’s zoom in on that gorgeous doormat . Talk about a combination of color, texture, and pattern!
Here are a few more images showing the final design of the entire area.

How do you feel? I wish I could show it to you all in person! Would you like to give your own tiny porch the similar appearance? See the list of sources below:

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Now that your outdoor environment is lovely, begin planning how to design inside spaces you adore! To start, click the link below for my decorating guide.

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