In my previous piece, which detailed my wonderful vacation to Belgium, I omitted to include the image below. The cafe’s corner-facing door was wide open as I was walking down the street in Antwerp. I was in motion when I caught a sight of the striking tile floor. This is what I noticed when I went inside.

Amazing, huh? All of that black and brass is really elegant and stylish! (Don’t forget the adorable tiny dog lurking beneath the table off to the side!) Three different colors of hexagonal tiles were used to create the striking pattern you can see on the floor.

Bold geometric floor tiles are simple to find and buy, and you may find more cost-effective porcelain substitutes to get the cement tile look for less. A geometric design made using standard tile shapes requires a little bit more creativity (and installation time). I used boldly patterned tile on the floor of this bathroom renovation and on the surround of the fireplace because I like the way it looks.

The focus of today’s discussion is on patterns created using standard tile shapes, ranging from subtly colored variants to strong declarations.
beginning with a straightforward revolving gray-and-white triangle pattern
Wendy word art
a unique random design made of rectangular blue and white glass tiles

I came upon this inventive pattern created with frames of 3″ subway tiles. In this post on possible subway tile patterns, you can find more suggestions for installing subway tile.

Numerous patterns can be created with mini hexagons; although careful preparation is required, the end product is stunning!
Via decoracion

I found that the Ant Tile Design Gallery has many original tile patterns. These are mosaics, but take note of how triangles are used to make every pattern.

Images obtained from Ant Tile
Rotating black and white hex tiles is a clever idea.
By simply cutting and switching the triangle corners from rectangular tiles, another inventive pattern was produced.
source elusive

There are several modular or interlocking forms available, and some mosaic tile mesh sheets have built-in geometric designs to encourage a creative layout in your choice of colors:

Alternatives to white subway tile and geometric tile flooring may also be of interest to you.





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