I accomplished a first for me over the weekend. While traveling through a new city, I stayed in a stranger’s home and hired a room.

Instead of renting a separate apartment while I was in town, I booked a private bedroom and bathroom on Airbnb. I just returned from Seattle yesterday. I had the realization that the same features that made a great guest room when rented also made a fantastic guest room when a friend or family member was staying at your house.

So what characteristics do a superb guest room have? These were the tiny things that contributed to my excellent stay.

REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCESS Since I arrived while they were at work, my hosts gave me a code to open the Schlage mechanical deadbolt on their home. I entered the code and left whenever I pleased! In the absence of a similar setup, offering a different set of keys for access is a thoughtful gesture so your visitors won’t feel the need to bother you!

A COMFORTABLE ROOM FOR SLEEPING I reserved a separate room with a spacious, comfy bed that I could use on my own. (One of the benefits of going alone). Offering a stack of brand-new towels is also pleasant.

I paid for a private room, but it’s not necessary to have a separate room if you’re hosting guests or relatives. If all you have room for is a cozy sofa or air mattress, that works well! You just need to supply some fresh, clean bedding, and you’re good to go.

A CLEAN BATHROOM IS AVAILABLE It goes without saying, but it’s kind to provide every visitor towels and a tidy restroom. I was the only person using this adorable bathroom, and I adored the yellow floor tile and traditional blue wall tiles.

One item I noticed—and recently purchased for my own home—was the hideaway toilet scrubber/plunger in a sleek caddy. It’s wonderful to have this so that visitors won’t have to inquire if one is ever required!

SUPER COMFY MATTRESSES Comfortable cotton sheets, pillows, and a down comforter within a duvet with an additional blanket on the bed were provided by my hosts. I got fantastic sleep in the bed as a result!

I also appreciated that they had two alternative pillow densities, one that was more full and one that was flatter, which I prefer. I require a flat pillow. Since everyone has a different choice, I appreciate that they offered two sizes.:)






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