Originally published on August 10, 2021

TIRED OF PAINTING FURNITURE ONLY FOR IT TO BEGIN CHIPPERING OR PEELING? USE THIS STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO LEARN HOW TO PAINT FURNITURE WITH A LONG-LASTING FINISH. BEHR Paint Company is the sponsor of this article. For your convenience, this article includes some affiliate links. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

Many individuals have experienced it, perhaps even you. You score a wonderful deal on a fantastic secondhand piece of furniture. You choose to paint the wood because it has some signs of wear and tear. It appears perfect after you paint it with a lovely hue, but only for approximately three days. Then it starts flaking or chipping. Ugh.

Friends, You CAN paint furniture, and the finish WILL stay and look fantastic for as long as you own the piece. Everything depends on how you prepare and what products you use. Continue reading to discover how to paint furniture with a gorgeous, long-lasting finish!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Furniture I do like to emphasize that this manual includes instructions on painting wood furniture. If laminate furniture is not treated appropriately, the paint will either bead up on you or apply smoothly before quickly chipping and peeling. This article will teach you how to paint laminate furniture properly.

Let’s discuss the incorrect approach to paint furniture before discussing the right way. DO NOT USE latex paint to paint your furniture. You know how there’s still paint on the walls in your garage? You shouldn’t paint your furniture with what is probably latex paint. Why? It will peel and won’t last very long. You’re aware of the Nike motto, “Just do it.” Your catchphrase ought to be “Just don’t do it” when it comes to latex paint and furniture. Trust me… That’s a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way.

Use chalk-based paint if you can. I’ll explain why later. Just continue to read:

ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES: Any cleaning solution you like Paper Towels and Water Sandpaper Sanding will move along more quickly if you have an electric sander. this cordless sander was just purchased by me. It is affordable and AMAZING! BEHR ® Chalk Decorative Paint (I used Timeless Blue on the exterior of the desk and a choice of custom tinted colors on the sides of the drawers) (I used Timeless Blue on the exterior of the desk and a variety of custom tinted colors on the sides of the drawers) BEHR® Wax Decorative Finish (I used Clear) (I used Clear) Ideally, you should use brushes with natural bristles. I used: Behr® Chalk Decorative Wax Brush Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint Brush leftover cardboard Remove any hardware from your piece first. Then, if necessary, sand any particularly rough, terrible damage areas on your piece. Unless your piece is glossy, you usually don’t need to sand the entire thing. I do advise lightly sanding the object all over if the current finish is glossy. I usually sand with 80 grit paper.

Be careful to read this post about how to fix gouges, wood rot, etc. if you have substantial wood damage.

2nd step: Clean Next, thoroughly clean your piece. Although you can use anything you choose, I usually prefer Simple Green .

3rd step: prime (IF NEEDED) Redwood, cedar, and other tannin-containing woods should all receive a fast layer of priming before painting in order to prevent the tannins from soaking through the paint.

4th step: PAINT It’s time to start painting using chalk paint. How come chalk paint? It is far more resilient than other paints. Additionally, it provides a matte, silky surface that no other paint can match. The combination of chalk paint and a wax finish closely resembles a gorgeous factory finish. Another major benefit of chalk paint is how simple it is to apply and how rapidly it dries.

Chalk paint application is simple and easy. Brush it on quickly! I used two coats. You should wait two hours between coats even if it dries to the touch in less than an hour.

5th step: WAX You are prepared to apply your wax finish once your object has been thoroughly painted and has dried. In Clear, I used BEHR® Wax Decorative Finish . It will help you add some depth and interest and slightly darken your current finish.

There isn’t a lot of wax needed. More isn’t always better. You only need enough wax to give your piece a light coating.

Offload any extra wax after filling your brush with it onto a piece of leftover cardboard. Then, cover the entire piece with extremely light “x” motion strokes. Buff it with a soft cloth once the light antique wax has dried to the point of becoming somewhat tacky, which only takes a few minutes. Your final product ought to have a faint sheen and feel smooth to the touch.

I’m done now! I want you to understand that painting wood furniture is not difficult.

If you follow me on Instagram , you already know that I bought these worn-out drawer bases from the Facebook Marketplace, and if you voted for me to modify them for this project, I appreciate it! You might have seen my Instagram Live when I provided a live tutorial on how to paint while utilizing BEHR® Wax Decorative Finish .

This straightforward yet foolproof method of painting furniture allowed me to change these drawer bases from this…
and this!

The addition of these drawer bases to our girls’ art table is ideal. Before, all of the storage was open on top of the tabletop with pipe legs. However, we had grown tired of staring at the numerous markers, colored pencils, and crayons that were constantly lying around. They’re awesome, these drawers! I went to The Dollar Store to find inexpensive, effective interior organizers.

Our girls are already making good use of everything even though we just installed everything this past weekend.

I suppose you’ve now learned the full process for painting furniture. If you follow these procedures, this procedure is fairly fail-proof, and your painted finish will last for a very long time.

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