Originally published on August 10, 2021

Here on the site, I’ve spent the entire month concentrating on organization. We spent a lot of time organizing the playroom for our twin girls because there are so many toys of various sizes. We built industrial pipe desks and shelves this past spring for their playroom, which was quite helpful, but we still lacked storage for some particular toys, like Legos. We’ve since developed a fantastic plan for their Legos! Our girls utilize their Legos more than ever now, and they not only stay orderly. You ask how? use the DIY Lego table we constructed for them. Anyone can construct this fantastic Ikea hack since it’s so simple. For your convenience, this article includes some affiliate links. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

A DIY LEGO TABLE CONSTRUCTION GUIDE ESSENTIAL MATERIALS FOR A DIY LEGO TABLE 1/8-inch plywood, cut to size, Ikea Trofast wall storage unit Gel wood stain (if desired), 4 Lego base plates 4 casters {we used 3-inch casters} , multi-surface glue, and we used Elmer’s Probond . HOW TO MAKE A DO-IT-YOURSELF LEGO TABLE 1) Stain your Trofast wall storage, if desired. We used some General Finishes Gel Stain in Mahogany finish to darken our stain because we wanted it to be a bit darker, but you may easily omit this step if you don’t want to.

2) Place your foundation plates on your plywood piece, then outline them with a pencil.

3. Size-cut your plywood. Instead of utilizing one continuous piece of plywood because it was scrap, we used two smaller pieces. This was not measured. Since we intended to glue the foundation plates directly on top of the plywood, we simply utilized the 4 Lego base plates as our reference.

4) If desired, stain the plywood’s BOTTOM side. The top, on which your base plates will be glued, doesn’t need to be stained.
5) Fasten your casters to the unit’s four bottom corners.

6) Fasten your plywood to the Trofast unit’s top. Given that it will protrude over the top and sides, center it carefully. Oh, do you want to know why I’m wearing pajamas in this picture? The reason for the pajamas is because most of our work are finished at night after our girls go to bed.

The reason we stained the plywood’s bottom may be seen in the photo below because the overhang is visible from below.

7) Apply glue to the foundation plates. We utilized Elmer’s ProBond Advanced , and it performed flawlessly. After putting something heavy on top, let it dry for the night.

I’m done now! How simple was that? And I have to admit, it keeps the Legos for our girls well-organized. The best part is that kids now play with their Legos a lot more! They enjoy moving the table to various locations across the space and are genuinely GLAD to sort the Legos by color or kit. Win!

How do you feel about the finished item?
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