Campaign Nightstand Transformation

Today’s DIY furniture makeover features a gorgeous campaign bedside table I found on the side of the road – literally! I love the amazing results!

Roast Pork on a Rotisserie

This juicy and delicious rotisserie pork roast is a beautiful entree to serve to company. It is sure to impress your guests and is fit for any occasion!

What Can Cause A Bathtub Not To Drain? Built Drain Stopper Is Stuck The Drain Is Clogged With Hair The Drain Has Hard Water Build Up Soap Scum Build Up Dirt and Grease Buildup Clogged With Larger Objects Septic Backup Common Ways To Unclog The Drain What Can Cause A Bathtub Not To Drain? 0 What Can Cause A Bathtub Not To Drain? 1 Nothing is more unpleasant than having icky water collect around your ankles as you wash. If the water in your bathtub won’t drain, there could be a variety of issues.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of scummy water pooling around your ankles as you shower. If your bathtub won’t drain, there could be any number of problems. Many can be fixed using basic tools and home remedies, but some might require you to call a professional. What Can Cause…

Five favorite wineries for a day trip

So let’s say you’re coming to visit me in Northern California but on this trip you’ve only budgeted one day to get the “wine country experience”. Well my friend, secretly I’m thinking you should have taken a little more time than 24 hours to soak it all in because the Napa/Sonoma region is a des …

Attention: Resin Artists

After trying my hand at resin art for the first time with these ocean inspired pieces, I discovered I really like getting creative with this medium. With resin, you mix colors, you pour, you blend, the magic happens, and in the end you get a slightly unpredictable yet absolutely beautiful abstra …

Simple Organization for the Master Closet

Organizing is one of the things keeping me sane while I am stuck at home. Our master closet had gotten a bit out of control, but I tamed it quickly with these simple master closet organization products!

Chips of spicy, “cheesy,” kale

Kale is all the rage! This is the perfect yummy and healthy snack that has tons of flavor without the calories! Try these Spicy ‘Cheesy’ Kale Chips today!

Evolving Home: How To Unstick A Stuck Faucet Handle

A faucet handle that is stiff or stuck can be a pain in day-to-day use and an extra challenge if you need to repair the faucet valve. You can try a few DIY tricks at home before having to go to the hardware store for a faucet handle puller.  Before…

Homemade Resin Top Desk

I finally finished that back to school DIY desk project I’ve been working on for a month. I needed a window desk to set up a computer and study space for my teens – my idea was to build a DIY desk using cabinet bases for storage and a custom resin top to provide a long smooth surface. I featured …

Overnight Reading

My weekend has been super chill, the kids are back in school and I’m just hanging out in my hometown. I went to a comedy show last night, that was fun, but then came home to find a mini disaster with my latest DIY project, I’ll share more information about that tomorrow! I don’t know who said it …