With these ocean-themed pieces, I tried my hand at resin art for the first time and realized I truly enjoy using this medium to express my creativity. With resin, color mixing, pouring, blending, and magic all come together to create an amazingly stunning abstract work of art with a high gloss luster. I now want to RESIN EVERYTHING because of that.

I was so motivated that I actually managed to make a resin top for my new DIY desk! I made this beautiful surface with such cool detail over the weekend. The following evening, I showered, changed, and went out on the town. When I arrived home, I saw that my cat had completely destroyed the surface by dancing all over it. UGH. Thus, I must replace the entire desktop, and you can be sure that the cat will be under lock and key until the surface dries this time.

I started looking up artists that do this professionally and came across several who are quite skilled and sell and display their work online and on Instagram. Take a look at some of these pieces, both huge and tiny; they are the coolest and worth the price for an original piece of art. Resin artwork is more expensive since resin epoxy is more expensive than acrylic paint, which drives up the pricing.

With the fluid resin material, these artists employ crystals and gold leaf to create geode wall art, specific lacing techniques to produce wave art, and resin epoxy to create jewelry and home accents. For inspiration, to make a purchase, or to request a unique piece, be sure to look over their portfolios.

portfolio instagram
portfolio instagram
portfolio instagram
portfolio instagram
portfolio 0 portfolio 1
portfolio 2
portfolio 3
portfolio 4
portfolio 5
Please share any other talented fluid resin creators you know in the comments!





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