Originally published on August 10, 2021

GOOD MORNING! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was lovely because ours was filled with beautiful weather and we were able to unwind a little (unusual for us here). I didn’t work on any significant DIY home décor projects this weekend, which, believe it or not, gave me time to take photos and write about some of the ones we finished a while back. So today is the day I can finally reveal my amazing campaign bedside table makeover. With these “new” additions to our master bedroom, I am completely smitten.

But consider this: They are not at all new. From the side of the road, I caught them. They were right there in the parking lot of a “Fruits and Veggies” storefront that no longer offers fresh produce. In fact, I found a complete set for $160 that came with the two bedside tables, a dresser, a chest of drawers, and a mirror! This set, which is made of solid wood and has gorgeous brass hardware, only required a little TLC. Although the wood wasn’t in the best of shape, I prefer painted items thus that wasn’t a problem for me. When we first brought the bedside tables home, they looked like this.

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I typically dread painting furniture, but this time I was looking forward to it since I wanted to use my brand-new HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer and spray shelter . Find out exactly how I achieved it by reading on.

Supplies required for the campaign bedside table makeover include:
Paper towels, water, a screwdriver, paint, and aa4aa5 paper towels. Steps:

1) Gently pry off the original hardware from the piece’s corners using a 5-in-1 tool. The drawer pulls can be removed using a screwdriver. My hardware was cleaned using Bar Keeper’s friend .

2) Use Simple Green that has been blended in accordance with the directions on the packaging to clean your piece REALLY thoroughly. Spray your item with simple water after cleaning it, and then use paper towels to dry it. This is done to make sure that no Simple Green is left on the piece because it can affect adhesion.

3) You are now prepared to paint! I loaded my HomeRight sprayer with paint and quickly put up my spray canopy. Remember to carefully study the sprayer’s instructions to ensure that your paint has the right consistency. I had to use a little water to thin out my paint.

4) Spray constantly! Once more, it’s crucial that you abide by HomeRight’s instructions on how far away to hold the sprayer AND how to modify the spray pattern in order to obtain a nice, even coverage. I had to play around with it a little bit, but I worked it out fairly soon, and I believe anyone can too! I painted the surface twice. The project didn’t take very long thanks to how rapidly the Amy Howard paint dries (about 2 hours from start to finish).

6) After my paint had dried, I covered the whole thing in Amy Howard light antique wax . To help you achieve a more authentic, antique look, the light antique wax will give your painted piece a very slight black tinge. Avoid waxing your piece if you want a flawlessly flat, consistent surface. Because I didn’t want the items to look brand new or flawless, I waxed mine. In the video down below, I demonstrate how to apply wax.

7) Reattach your hardware with caution.
I’m done now! I can’t believe how gorgeous my campaign-themed nightstand turned out! Look at this.

My favorite $160 purchase ever! I still need to paint the dresser, mirror, and chest of drawers that we intend to retain for ourselves (both of which we will be selling). In fact, I am eager to do it! Trust me, buying a HomeRight sprayer and spray tent is SO worth it if you paint furniture frequently as we do. THE GAME CHANGERS.

How about a quick before-and-after comparison right now?

I appreciate HomeRight giving me a sprayer and a spray tent to test out. As a result, I’ve fallen head over heels for both! As always, I don’t let the fact that I was given free things to try out affect my honest thoughts.

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