The kale trend is huge! This is the ideal tasty and nutritious snack that is flavorful and low in calories. Don’t miss out on these spicy “cheesy” kale chips!

CHEESY “SPICED” KALE CHIPS Chips of spicy, “cheesy,” kale Written by Foodieaholic Ingredients 2.2 cups of uncooked cashews 1 huge red bell pepper of the Holland variety many red Fresno peppers 1- to 2-tsp. lemon juice (to taste) Mineralized sea salt, 2 teaspoons Nutritional yeast, 2 tablespoons curly kale, 3 bunches Instructions the cashews in water for three to four hours. Blend with the peppers that have been stemmed and seeded, lemon, salt, and yeast. Puree. If extra salt or lemon is required, taste the mixture and add as desired. Remove the kale leaves’ stems. By firmly sliding the other hand along the sides of the stem while holding the stem’s end in one hand, you may easily dislodge the leaf. The stem’s tougher portion will break off, leaving the tenderer portion in tact. Use your hands to thoroughly divide the combined ingredients in a big bowl before adding the kale. The leaves should be placed on the dehydrator racks close together but not stacked. Dehydrate till very crisp at 105° F for 12 to 16 hours. Keep things in zip-sealed bags. Insufficient drying will cause them to soften in the bag. They can be spread out on a rack or placed over a pan in an oven set as low as possible if you don’t have a dehydrator. Dehydration will happen over a much shorter period of time, maybe an hour or less.

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