Originally published on August 10, 2021

Hello, buddies! I apologize to everyone for being so inconsistent recently. We now have a ton of different DIY projects underway, but as you are aware, one of them involved improving the playroom for our identical twin girls’ aesthetics, storage, and usability. We have already accomplished a lot, such as making DIY pipe desks and shelves as well as quickly and easily using gel stain to change the appearance of their Ikea toy storage system. I can’t wait to show you how we made the cutest and simplest hanging toy storage ever today! Even the most inexperienced DIYers can complete this project! Continue reading to see how to quickly create your own DIY hanging toy storage!

ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES FOR HANGING TOY STORAGE woven baskets. Choose items that already have a hanging tab or loop. These are the exact baskets that I purchased from Amazon . They also come in many colors! Whatever finish you like, use hooks. These are the exact hooks I ordered from Amazon . a stud hunter. Drill.

STORAGE FOR HANGING TOYS TUTORIAL #1: Choose where you want to hang your baskets and check to see if you can do so on a stud. If not, make sure to fasten your hooks to the wall using the proper anchors. After marking your holes, hang your hooks.

2) Suspend your baskets and fill them with toys!
I’m done now! What a simple project, huh? Look at how adorable the project turned out.

This hanging toy storage is not only a fantastic method to use vertical space for storage, but it also looks AMAZING. I adore the baskets and have already begun to consider how I may employ hanging baskets throughout the rest of our home. They would be ideal in a guest room to store extra blankets or towels, in my opinion.

How do you feel? Could this help you solve your home’s stuffed animal or toy storage issues?

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