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Do you desire more organization in your life but are unsure where to start? I want to lend a hand. Greetings, I’m Pam Hoepner. I spend a lot of time keeping things organized because I’m a librarian, professional organizer, and mom to teenagers. Because I did it myself, I am confident that you can organize your home to be tidy and uncluttered at a very low cost. This is why my organizing business is called The Economical Organizer. In order to assist other women become more organized and less stressed so they can live more cheerfully, I share quick, easy, and budget-friendly organizing and DIY ideas, as well as quick, family-friendly meals, at my blog Life, Creatively Organized. If your closet is small, you could believe that it is impossible to make it useful. I’d like to offer some of my favorite quick, low-cost organizing ideas in this post to help you make your small closet look tidy and organized. And to illustrate, I’ll use my own closet.

TIPS AND HACKS FOR SMALL CLOSET ORGANIZATION GET RID OF ITEMS YOU DON’T WEAR. The hardest (though most important) element of organizing your closet may be this, especially if your closet is small. When we are working on their closet, I ask my clients to do the following. Remove EVERY hanging item of clothing. Consider each item carefully before deciding whether or not to keep it. Is it discolored? Itchy? Ironing is difficult? only one skirt that can be dry-cleaned? Have you lately worn it? Be sensible. Put it in a bag and give it if someone else can use it. Use it as cleaning cloths if it can no longer be repaired; else, discard it. Rehang the remaining clothes in your closet, BUT flip the hangers so that they are facing the wrong direction. Make another closet inventory after six months. Are the articles still strung in reverse? You haven’t worn those clothing in six months, then! Why not just give them so that someone else can use them? Of course, the additional benefit is that your closet now has even more room. In my opinion, this is a win-win situation.

TAKE ANOTHER CLOSET ROD. A quick and effective solution to rapidly quadruple your hanging space is to add another pole. Wire shelving may be hung, which I advise doing since it adds a second shelf perfect for holding folded sweaters and trousers. They are reasonably priced and quite simple to install. But you can just buy a wooden closet rod at your neighborhood home improvement store if you find that degree of DIY frightening. They frequently offer to free cut it to length for you. Simply use rope or chain to hang the rod from your current rod. If siblings share a closet in a child’s room or if your preschooler wants to dress oneself but is unable to reach the upper rod without breaking down in tears, try this (for both of you).

POP TOPS WILL ADD EVEN MORE ROOM. I’ve discovered that organizing your clothes in your closet will save you time in the morning. I personally have a rod for work attire and another for casual attire. If you frequently wear certain items together, make a “double” hanger by securing a pop top (from a soda can) over the hook. Through the pop top’s hole, hang the second object. In this manner, the suit skirt, blazer, etc., can all be hung together. You save hanging space while while having a coordinated outfit.

KEEP YOUR SHOES SET UP. I’m a Floridian. Here, we frequently don flats and sandals. They can easily become disorganized on the closet floor, making it difficult to locate specific pairs. Making use of cardboard magazine boxes is an excellent approach to keep them organized and safe. They are easy to find at stores like the dollar store, Wal-Mart, or Target, and they work well. Magazine boxes can store anywhere from three to five pairs of shoes, depending on the style.

To store your flat shoes and flip-flops, you can also use cardboard boxes, weaved baskets, or plastic baskets. That adorable “Etc.” box you see is where Tasha keeps her flip flops.

Even though we don’t wear them often in Florida, boots might be uncomfortable. Additionally, tall boots frequently droop over, giving them a crease at the bottom. To keep the boots erect, insert a piece of pool noodle into each one. If your wardrobe has more hanging space than floor space, you can also hang them up using a pants hanger.

USE THE DOOR AND WALLS ALWAYS. Walls and doors offer useful organizing area that is frequently ignored. Shoe bags are excellent for other things in addition to organizing shoes in a small closet with an affordable over-the-door shoe rack. I adore how Tasha organized her tiny coat closet with her hook and rail system!

She also uses the back of her door for additional shoe storage despite the fact that her master closet is pretty spacious. It’s simple to arrange all of your beautiful scarves using a shoe bag. Your hats, mittens, and other winter accessories all fit perfectly with it.

To arrange jewelry, place a cheap hanging rack on the wall of the wardrobe. A coat rack also works well if your wall space is greater.

And one of my favorite hacks is to hang unused stuff like heavy carry-on luggage or sleeping bags on the wall next to the closet door. There are no nail holes and they function so well since these are hung up using Command hooks!

Get the most bang for your buck with these four dollar accessory organization ideas! It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on excellent organizing, as I said at the beginning of this essay. Here are 4 ways to organize your accessories using a $1 bundle of shower curtain rings from the dollar shop.

This arrangement will prevent your scarves from becoming creased or twisted, and it also takes up very little space.

Belt organization is also simple with shower curtain rings. (Tip: belts tend to slip to one end of the hanger if there aren’t many of them, so keep them lined up in the centre of the hanger.)

Do you have a lot of ball caps at home? They might be challenging to maintain tidy and organized. Utilize shower curtain rings strung together on a hanger to arrange them. Simply thread the headwear through the loop in the rear of the rings to secure them. Depending on the type of cap, you can put up to 10 caps on a single hanger.

Because of their various strap lengths, purses can often be difficult to maintain tidy. This issue can be fixed by hanging them up using shower curtain rings.

So, don’t be discouraged by your small closet! With the help of basic organizing tools like these, you can actually quickly and affordably organize your small closet like a pro.

Are you prepared for more DIY organizing projects? Check out these of my posts that are popular. I look forward to seeing you soon on my blog, Life, Creatively Organized!







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