Originally published on August 10, 2021

A tidy doorway is one of the keys to our sanity, especially in the mornings, so believe me when I say that. It’s just not worth it to hear about so many individuals hurriedly looking for stuff in the morning as they attempt to leave their home. You can recover the many hours of time you are now losing due to disorganization if you spend some time organizing your entryway. With that said, I’d like to share my top organizing and decluttering advice for the entryway with you today.

TIPS FOR ORGANIZING AND DECLUTTERING ENTRANCES Some of you might not have an official foyer or doorway. No previous residence of ours has one! However, EVERY home has a “dump zone.” Typically, it’s close to the entryway you use to enter your house and is where you keep your hats, shoes, and other accessories. You presumably glance at it frequently, and your visitors probably do too. We’re going to make this room more efficient and, perhaps, aesthetically beautiful by organizing and decluttering it. There may be some affiliate links in this article for your convenience. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

ENTRYWAY ORGANIZATION TO DO LIST: 1) Remove everything that is not supposed to be there. No problem, isn’t it? There is no justification for keeping an outdated router or a collection of board games in your foyer. Throw those stuff away. If you are fortunate enough to have a coat closet, make sure to take out any coats, shoes, hats, or gloves that you no longer like or fit.

Decide right away whether you’re going to keep, sell, or donate everything you remove from this space. Do not simply move it elsewhere without first making that choice. If you decide to keep it, move it to the room in your home where it will have a permanent residence.

2) Make room for things that do belong – I strongly recommend spending money on high-quality wood coat hangers or a hook and rail system ( this is the one that we use in our coat closet and we LOVE it ).

Ikea offers affordable wood hangers for sale (that is where I have purchased all of ours–we use wood hangers in all of our other closets). It’s like magic how having just one kind of hanger instantly makes everything look and feel more organized. Winter accessories should be kept in boxes or baskets.

If you don’t have a closet, you might want to buy or make your own coat rack. If you have children, make sure you have enough hooks for their backpacks and handbags. If your foyer is small, don’t rule out the possibility of installing hooks in an adjacent hallway.

I adore storing our children’s shoes in baskets. If you don’t have any furniture in your foyer, think about putting the baskets on the floor or perhaps hanging them on a wall as I did in our daughters’ playroom. We keep our baskets underneath a console table that we made. The full details on how we stenciled our foyer are available here.

I was able to fully revamp our coat closet in 1 1/2 days, including repainting it, by using these entrance organization suggestions.
All the details of our coat closet remodel are available here.

3) Commit to using your entrance organization – Anyone may declutter and organize their entryway, but for it to truly make a difference, you must make a long-term commitment to using it. Make it a routine to put everything in its proper place each day. You won’t even need to consider it anymore soon enough!

Go ahead and clean up your foyer now! Check out my post about creative entrance organization ideas if you need some motivational pictures to get you going.

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