A pair of blue club chairs s I had my eye on for a while finally made it to my shopping cart; they arrived this week and I really adore them. They provide the ideal amount of color and size that I wanted to set up a comfortable talking space. The mirror over the mantel was also modified; it used to be more elaborate, but I replaced it with a minimalist gold round mirror.

I adore mantels decorated with artwork, however I usually place a mirror above mine. This minimalist mirror caught my attention the most because I’ve been trying to simplify my life as much as possible, which is also influencing the way I decorate.

The round mirror with a thin frame has a timeless appearance and doesn’t scream for attention. To soften the angles, I also enjoy hanging them in the restrooms. I discovered a couple more simple mirrors with frames in a variety of colors, including wood and tones of brass, bronze, and silver.

The mirror I purchased cost less than $200 and is identical to this gold round mirror ‘s in the image below.:)

posen wood – 30”
– 30”





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